Libra Compatibility

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Libra is an air sign. That is why it has all interests and traits which are usual for exactly air signs. Libra natives are delicate; they love painting, music, architecture much. One of their favorite ways to spend the time is an attendance of exhibitions, concerts, meetings with people, who are related to arts. Representatives of this zodiacal sign are very sociable persons. It is considered that Libra is one of the most appeasable and pleasing signs. The thing, which symbolizes this zodiacal sign, is scales. It is reflected in the main traits of Libra. Feeling of peace is extremely important for this sign. Justice and fairness are the central features Libra.

Nevertheless, Libra has disadvantages as well. When such its positive traits as complaisance and pleasing overstep the mark, it leads to catastrophe. Libra becomes wishy-washy person. It happens mostly because such people are afraid to hurt or to offend somebody. Libra should grasp that being spineless doesn't mean to be good person. Very often Libra has a wish to help everyone and to please all people. It is impossible to do. And Libra will suffer till he/she understands this truth. As for love matches, astrology considers air signs the best for Libra to make a pair. But sometimes fire signs are good for them too.

Best Matches for Libra

Libra + Aquarius: Both Libra and Aquarius are very sociable persons. They prefer the same way of time spending. Libra likes to be surrounded by people as well as Aquarius does. Representatives of Libra and Aquarius signs like to talk much. The social life of such union is interesting is full of events. These two signs are great listeners for each other. They share their thoughts and ideas with enthusiasm and pleasure. In addition, diplomacy of Libra neutralizes stubbornness of Aquarius. So, this pair may live in peace, which is so necessary for both of them.

Libra + Gemini: Rich inner world unites Libra and Gemini. High level of partner's intellect is important for Libra as its own intellect is great. Gemini meets this requirement. Social life is the central in life of both these signs. That is why the preferable way of life is common for them. As for romance and sex relationship, Libra + Gemini are an ideal pair. Both of them are very passionate persons. This union is very comfortable and harmonious.

Libra + Sagittarius: Charismatic Libra and hot Sagittarius have to be assured that together they will not be bored. Sagittarius constantly needs adventures, events and travelling. In its turn, active and curious Libra is always ready to support these Sagittarius' interests and requirements. Libra has inquiring mind and constantly needs to “feed” it. Intellectual level of Sagittarius lets it make the life of Libra full, variegated and interesting. The only difficulty which may appear is the discrepancy of Sagittarius's independence love and Libra's necessity in reliable partner. But, they may easily come to agreement in this question.

Worst Matches for Leo

Libra + Pisces: Sentimentalism and sensibility are common traits for Libra and Pisces. Both of them wish to make other people happy and consider that happiness of their close people is their mission in life. That is why in the start point of relationship it seems that they understand each other without words and that they are an ideal pair. But, with time Pisces becomes disappointed with Libra's sympathy and wish to help everyone. Libra is ready to spend its energy for everybody, and, as a result, close people suffer of lack of Libra's attention. Pisces has a tendency to be in a pet. If Pisces becomes upset or hurt, it lasts long. It is strange and incomprehensible for Libra.

Libra + Cancer: The main difference between Libra and Cancer is what they appreciate the most in the partner. An intellectual Libra is looking for a person with inquiring mind and a wide range of interests. Cancer is not able to satisfy this requirement as it lives using emotions more than intellect. Responsive Cancer appreciates deep feelings, solicitude and attentiveness of the partner more, than intellect. Unfortunately, Libra is not able to feel so deep. Moodiness of Cancer and Libra's love of fun cannot go together as well.

Libra + Taurus: Interests of Libra and Taurus coincide. They like delicate things, fine art, music and so on. At first sight Libra + Taurus is perfect pair. But common interests are not enough for successful relationship. Taurus is thorough person, it always makes plan for life, for several years, for several months, for a week. But Libra considers this trait boring and suffocating. Libra doesn't like to think about serious things. Impermanence of Libra is like a red rag to a bull for Taurus. Libra and Taurus need patience to build relationship, but neither Libra nor Taurus has it.

Libra + Virgo: Virgos have very high demands to their partners; sometimes they are really strict on how everything should be. Light-hearted and joyful Libras are not used to these strict standards which may seem restricting their freedom. Libras' light attitude to life will not suit pragmatic Virgos in any way. They can not imagine life without preparing for the future and making plans. They need to have everything under control, and it irritates Libra. Virgo is too concentrated on the activities and problems and Libras want only to make love. The relationships here are possible, but it will take a lot of nerves and efforts for both partners.

Libra + Scorpio: As a rule, when Scorpio and Libra start relationship, they attract each other much. But in the long run they understand that there is an absence of understanding and there are a lot of quarrels in their life. The main purpose of their altercations is jealousy of Scorpio as well as its possessiveness. Libra natives are mostly independent and freedom-loving persons and they are nervous about these two traits of Scorpio. The other difficulty is once Libra makes a faux pas, Scorpio will not forgive it. Any mistake of Libra often becomes the finish point for this relationship.

Libra + Capricorn: The cooperation of Libra- and Capricorn-individualities would be difficult to explain. There are many possibilities for a complicated way of their union. Rarely such combination lasts for long. Moreover, only few of other signs from Zodiac hierarchy would undergo such risky relationship. They have pretty different emotional values and due to this, there appears great lack of respect to them. The only way out is to collaborate with true desire to understand each other. They have to reveal all of their inner happenings and try to understand them. In such a way, there can be reached real happiness.

Wild Cards for Leo

Libra + Libra: Of cause, two Libras have mutual interests. Spending time together makes them happy as they love the same things. Together they are always joyful, cheerful and pleased. Both of them have a high intellectual level, which they want to see in their partner. So, this relationship is going to be successful. However, in case if there is a serious conflict, nobody of partners wants to discuss it as both Libras don't like to speak about problems. So, such problem and misunderstanding may exist during a long time.

Libra + Aries: Libra and Aries are two very passionate zodiacal signs. They attract each other greatly. They get volcano of emotions when they are together. In the bedroom Libra and Aries are pretty compatible. Their sexual energies flow into one strong current. Sex is rather important for both these signs. Nevertheless, for happy life together Aries has not to be too demanding. In its turn, Libra has to give the partner all the admiration and love it requires.

Libra + Leo: To define the possible final outcome of Leo-identity and Libra-identity, it is necessary to realize the connection of beautiful and challenging sides and qualities of Saturn and the Sun. One of the finest advantages of this combination is a nice opportunity to learn novel things from one another. They ought to create a solid balance, as they are too different. Mutual liability and respect can greatly help them in this matter. They are great competitors and at times, there will appear a strong and persistent desire for challenge. They wish to know who is better. In occasion, they overcome this desire they may show off in public.

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