Libra + Sagittarius

This union is special with its passion. They start from a witty flirt. Libra is usually amazed with the amount of ideas and projects on Sagittarius’s mind. Libra can help Sagittarius select the best ideas and give up on the obvious failures. They can be amazing friends as well, because their level of communication is high and rare.

Sagittarius loves freedom, and though Libra will try to tame this frivolous spirit, it will not happen. Their nature strives for movement and dynamics. Sometimes, they get so bored they initiate changes themselves. Libra might have problems with Sagittarius’s desire to contact as many people as possible. Libra wants more attention and commitment from Sagittarius, but it will be complicated. Libra has a lot of plans and a lot of ambitions for the future. Sagittarius has other priorities, and it can hurt Libra, who is ready for full commitment. In order to make these things work out on a long-term basis, both parties need to strive for that.

Also, they are going to prosper if both provide support to their partner. Libra and Sagittarius are both sociable and love to rest actively. However, you never know what’s on Sagittarius mind, and Libra still needs some certainty. This is their challenge, as both will need to sacrifice something to be together. Libra can give a lot to Sagittarius. Libra’s energy is not restricting. It shows the right direction and narrows the scattered beam of Sagittarius’s light. Sagittarius can bring so much happiness and amazing memories to Libra that Libra can become more open to the world and less worried about plans.

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