Your Personal Fashion and Style in Dependence of the Rising Sign

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People are born with the definite character traits, tastes, preferences, talents, aptitudes. Of cause, something changes during the life under the influence of situations, other people and habitability, but human essence does not change. This fact is explainable by astrology. Your Sun sign plays the key role in your personality forming and it is fundamental for your aptitudes and possibilities in life. The rising sign, known as zodiacal sing, uprises on the Eastern horizon at the time of person's birth. Since that time it becomes the symbol of the person's characteristics. The natal horoscope of an individual is based on the astrological information given by zodiacal sing.

Every zodiacal sing is governed by one of the planets. For example, Virgo (an English name for Virgo is the Maiden) is governed by Mercury. Applying the influence of the ascendant on the style of a person, we can mention that personal make-up and fashion tastes depend on the rising sign and house, which your planet falls in.

Characteristics of every zodiacal sing and its influence on person's style

capricorn, signCapricorn: People of this ascendant are rather ambitious and they have big goals. If you were born under the rising sing of Capricorn, you are a person, who always has a plan of what and how to do. Mostly Capricorns are material-minded, serious people, who have leadership aptitude. These people are practical. They are always good managers in any field. All these traits of character are reflected in fashion preferences. People of this ascendant like to look "expensive", but they have talent to find things of good quality and good look, but for not big money. They like to combine different things and accessories and do it successfully. Resolute Saturn is a chart ruler of Capricorn.

Aquarius, signAquarius: Open to the world people, who live in harmony with the world and their mind. These people are very friendly, communicative and inquiring. They are mentally-oriented, constantly analyzing, thinking and very active persons. Aquarius always seeks for something new. As for the style, Aquarius is very unique and individualistic. Mostly they don't like to follow fashion and don't need to buy brands. They prefer stylish, cozy things. It often happens that people of this zodiacal sing have their favorite thing and wear it no matter if it is in trend or not. They are always comfortable in any cloths. Strong-minded Saturn and offbeat Uranus rule Aquarius.

pisces, signPisces: Very delicate, moderate and instinctive persons. Quite often they are talented in some kind of art, have good imagination. Pisces are expressive, emotional and artistic persons who like the attention of people around. Communicating with Pisces you'll meet understanding and concernment. This sensitive individuality is able to compassionate. Pisces like comfortable things and make their style themselves. But due to their tender essence, they like their things to be beautiful, extravagant and unusual. Pisces like to order individual, unique things. Creative Neptune and original Jupiter govern Pisces.

Aries, signAries: Warlike attitude, courage and power are main characteristics of Aries. They are very confident and they like to demonstrate it. The aptitude of this sign is science. Aries will be successful in any science chosen by person of this rising sign. The style of Aries reflects the inner world of this rising sign. This zodiacal sing is official and performing power for office, and glossy, sporty and attractive at free time. Aries needs to shine and to look and feel strong. Aries appreciates bright, snazzy colors. Mars position in the chart is important as strong Mars is a ruler of Aries.

Taurus, signTaurus: People of this rising sing are usually calm, serene and practical. The peculiarity of such people is their sensuality, which make the world comprehensible for them. They don't see and hear the surroundings, but they feel it. Generally people of this rising sing are good in music or painting. Being a sophisticated individual Taurus prefers classic style, sensual and natural fabrics, pastel shades. As a rule such persons are conservative. They don't follow fashion trends and hunt newest collections. They buy beautiful stylish classics of good quality. Sensate Venus rules Taurus, so, its chart position is essential.

Gemini, signGemini: Curious and active people, which are looking for new ideas all the time. They never stop. There are two personalities in one Gemini. The secret of such people is in their duality. As a rule Gemini succeeds in education. They are great travellers as well. Gemini often changes decisions, opinion and aims. There is the same in their style. They successfully mix incompatible things and look great and confident in such cloths. They like many accessories. Gemini is governed by ingenious Mercury, so its location in chart is a key thing for Gemini.

Cancer, signCancer: People, who value family the most of the other things. Cancer is a sensitive person, but such people hide their emotions. That is why they need understanding and support. Such people are rather creative; the most unbelievable ideas come to their head. In cloths Cancer appreciates modern classics. People of this rising sign prefer soft and sensual fiber. They like to feel cozy. The thoughtful Moon rules Cancer. And its position in the chart is fundamental for Cancer.

Leo, signLeo: Very artistic, creative persons, who like to attract the attention of the other people most of all. People of this rising sign are full of energy at work, but they need to fill energy reserves at home, at calm and cozy atmosphere. Leo is a good leader. Generally such people are very charismatic. They are able to gather people around themselves and induce them for doing something. Good look is important for Leo. Such people like fashion and follow the newest trends. They like their cloths to be qualitative, but brand name is not important. The omnipotent Sun rules Leo, so, its position in chart is very important.

Virgo, signVirgo: The main traits of character of this rising sign are analytical mind, rationality and sense of purpose. Enriching of professional knowledge and achieving of aims are extremely important for the self-esteem of Virgo. They like everything to be by plan. As for fashion preferences, Virgo likes comfortable, functional, fashionable cloths. They usually select branded things if they have choice. They like to look ideal. Original Mercury rules Virgo, its position in the chart is essential for this rising sign.

Libra, signLibra: Creative, tactful, diplomatic, socially conscious zodiacal sing. People of this sign are very active. They are able to do several things simultaneously. Calmness and harmony are important for maintaining equilibrium. This people like beauty in everything. It makes their good mood. Concerning fashion tastes, Libra should always look beautiful and modern. But the comfort is not at the last place in their criteria of cloths choice. Opinion of the other people about Libra's look is important for this zodiacal sing. Sophisticated Venus governs Libra and its position in the chart determines the character of Libra.

Scorpio, signScorpio: Emotional, assertive, deep feeling, brave zodiacal sing. Scorpio is strong in financial area. People of this rising sign have an ability to develop business and to bring business ideas to life. Very often they are successful doctors. Self-esteem of such people is high; they like power and demonstrate it. This sign is rather temperamental. All these peculiarities of character are reflected in style of Scorpio. People of this rising sign attach great importance to their look. They have to be neat, stylish and elegant. They want other people to respect them not just for their talents and achievements, but for their look as well. Fervent Mars and puissant Pluto govern Scorpio. Position of these two planets in the chart is essential for Scorpio.

Sagittarius, signSagittarius: Passionate, optimistic, full of faith people. Sagittarius can't live without adventures. It's easy for them to go somewhere spontaneously or to do unplanned business. They are full of energy and always ready to conquer new aims. Sagittarius boldly changes style, add colors to the look, use accessories to brighten the appearance. Such people don't like to look ordinary. They like unusual things. Rational Jupiter governs Sagittarius, and its position in the chart is the most important for this zodiacal sing.