Aries zodiac sign

Greatest Overall Compatibility:Leo, Sagittarius
Best for Marriage and Partnerships:Libra
Lucky Numbers:1, 9


aries sign

Date range: March 21 - April 19

Strengths: Brave, concentrated, self-assured, optimistical, honest, ardent.

Weaknesses: Lack of patience, mood alterations, predisposition for quick loss of temper, impulsiveness, aggressiveness.

Aries likes: Convenient clothing, the qualities of a leader, different physical challenges and sports.

Aries dislikes: Slow way of life, hesitations, useless work that doesn't involve talents and gifts of the identity.

Commonly, the very first indication of these identities is the start of anything rush, overly dynamic and tempestuous. These folks are usually searching for rapid developments, quickness and challenge. They like being first in all the things, no matter what sphere of life it is. The Red Planet rules these folks and feeling great affection of this planet, these people are utterly active. These dynamic individualities are on a constant search of the answers to private and metaphysical issues. That's their greatest indication.

Aries belongs to fiery sings, as Leo and Sagittarius do. That's why, these folks are so overly active and are always looking forward doing something. Oftentimes, their rush makes them undertake actions that they don't think properly through. They possess excellent organization skills and they constantly strive to accomplish as many things as they can. At times, they act aggressively and lack patience, which increases the number of challenging situations.

Aries have great leading abilities and are continuously looking for all sort of action and they cannot sit still. They are utterly courageous and actually thirst to undertake risky situations. They have enormous stores of energy, no matter how old they are. They will be always eager to complete tasks. They are capable for enjoying great outcomes.


man, heart

These identities adore flirting and they are utterly initiative in personal relations. Commonly, they make the first steps. When falling in love, they won't hesitate to reveal their true feelings, for they aren't afraid of such things. In the state of love, they may give tons of lavish affection to the object of their desire and at times, this is of too much for other folks. They are utterly passional, overly energetic and adore adventurous situations. Aries is always an ardent lover, who has some kind of addiction to sex and lust. They receive great excitement by only thinking about those things. The relations with these identities will remain dependable and lasting in occasion there's presence of a constant fire of passion and energy.


friends, men

These identities for are on a continuous movement and are utterly active. When choosing friends, they prefer quite uncommon folks that differ even among themselves. The weirder they are the better it is for Aries. As they are overly energetic, they wish to interact with all possible variations of human types. These folks can slightly find the needed ways for becoming friendly with anyone. They communicate naturally and easily. Consequently, they have great numbers of friends and acquaintances. Thanks to this, they can receive multiple benefits. Nevertheless, the true friends totally differ from that. Only those guys who are as crazy as these folks are, can be their true friends.

They possess great independency and ambitions. Oftentimes, they now the direction the things should develop at the very beginning. They strongly value their families, though they are rarely close with them. These folks are honest and pretty straight. Even while expressing their feelings, which is quite complex for most people.


man, money

In this sphere of life, these identities shine brightly. They adore working, being active and reveal their whole potential and creative thoughts. They wish to show only the best they are capable for. Being excellent leaders, they prefer giving the orders, rather than receiving them. Otherwise, they may even oppose. They have some good notion of prediction and commonly, they can know lots of things in advance.

Facing any sort of challenge, these folks quickly find the correct and most effective solution. They adore such things and at times, try to create such situations, if they don't occur for a too long time. They are prosperous as sales agents, dealers, managers or owners of enterprises.

These identities are capable to compile money. Notwithstanding, they rarely do that. They are a bit wasteful. This all is because they adore wasting money, for it brings them great amounts of pleasure. They rarely look into far future and their main focus is on the things that take place right now. They live for a moment. They like laboring, so they commonly have enough money for many things.


man symbol

Independency is the major clue to this very sign. They hate fulfilling the orders of other folks. They wish to rule on their own. Consequently, to win Aries-man, you ought to know these rules utterly good. These men prefer thrilling rather than catching. They are natural conquerors and they constantly desire to reach the things that are far out of their reach. Therefore, try to show that it is utterly difficult to win your heart. They will think about you as of a very valuable prize. This is the first nice tip for you.

Aries-men prefer challenges and if they notice threat for their domination positions, they will refuse such women. Let them know that you don't mean to rule. These men adore feeling as if they are real knights and so, you should let them defend you in any situation. Nevertheless, don't act as if you aren't capable to do all, but nothing on your own. This will kill the interest to you.

These men are too hard-nosed and self-centered. Nevertheless, their positive qualities are braveness, thirst for adventures and ardent nature. Having relations with such sort of men, you will spend your time funny and with great exciting. However, the relations can abruptly end, if you won't be capable to keep the fire of interest in them.


woman symbol

Aries-women are also leaders and don't experience fear. They possess great amounts of energy, have outstanding charisma and great thirst for all kinds of adventures and struggles. See not to squeeze their independency and allow them seduce you. These women are utterly ardent and possess great sexual drive that makes them compelling for men. They adore their freedom and would hardly allow any man to overcome them. They are on a continuous move and you have to keep up with them. They desire love, but also require a full control of the relationships. Be sure that you will be able to cope with that.

You ought to be all in action, in case you really desire to get the attraction of the Aries-women. Notwithstanding, be watchful not to be too active. If these women feel that you are threating their personal security and wish to get the relations under your control, they will immediately send you off. The initiative ought to be in their hands. If such a woman falls in love, she'llbe utterly devoted ever after, as well as very jealous.

If you have opted for an Aries-woman, get prepared for giving your time, strength and giving heed to every single detail. This type of women requires great amounts of attention. Such women feel naturally in bed and are quite physical. They are in for early sexual experience in novel relations. They wish to be dominant in bed as well. Sex is of great interest for them. Be sure that you can handle such passion. Such relationships will be full of adventures, utterly exciting and ardent and probably, you will like the idea of being under the dominance.

Compatible Signs: Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini