Jupiter Signs & Luck: Fire Signs

Jupiter, luck, zodiac, fire signs

The place that Jupiter occupies in the birth chart (natal chart) shows how we convey our unselfishness and how broadminded we are. It helps us see how we move towards the enhancement of our living and to which extent we trust people and rely on the power of the universe. The characteristics of the sign (which hosts the Jupiter), if they are clear and accepted by a person, benefit us by broadening our outlook and enriching our experience.

Here we have the hints for you on how to amend the luck and enrich the experience in life by simply following the Jupiter sign in your birth chart. Choose the interpretation of the Jupiter according to the sign of the zodiac.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries people are extremely lucky if they are in a dominant position in a society. They need to create, manage, control, communicate and motivate others. Jupiter in Aries is a symbol of enthusiasm and innovations.

Due to your fire sign Aries in the Jupiter, you rely mostly on yourself and you want others to do the same. For you it is easy: nobody can do it better and more responsible than you and you cannot be sure of others. If somebody disagrees with your vision of life, you take it on your own charge. You never wait for a right moment or opportunity - you act and create opportunities for yourself. Comfort zone for you is in taking risks, making decisions and solving problems.

The best time comes for you, when the Sun is in Jupiter and Aries, also when the Sun is in fire signs like Leo and Sagittarius. Check the table to see the time of the year when these periods occur.

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo individuals experience the time of their life when they are benevolent and open-minded, when they are generous and nice. The more confident they are, the more fortune is attracted and people are easily influenced and motivated from their example. Leos need to stay away from selfishness and consider ingenuity and sincerity as their essential advantage.

As the Jupiter is manifested in the Fire sign, you value your principles and ideas more than any other authority, and it can really hurt you if the person you like disagrees with your opinion. You never passively wait for something to happen, instead you simply create the opportunities in your life. You are a ruler of your destiny.

The best period of the year starts when the Sun is in Leo, and\or in any other Fire signs like Aries or Sagittarius. Look at the table to learn when those periods are in the highest point.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius people go through the happy times of their lives when they are benevolent and charitable, emphatic, compassionate, inspired and do what they love. The only thing they need to succeed is often belief in their strength and self-confidence. They need to visualize their desires and ensure themselves in reaching everything. Such people can find their mission through travelling, education (self and others), physical activity and broad outlook.

Jupiter in the Fire sign creates the tight connection of a person to his or her beliefs that leads to association of oneself with this idea, as with the person. Sagittarius should create possibilities, instead of waiting for them to appear magically and the success will follow this sign.

The most profitable period of the year starts when the Sun is in Sagittarius, and\or in any other Fire signs like Aries or Leo. Look at the table to learn when those periods are in the highest point.