More Jupiter in Signs: Aries - Virgo

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Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries creates the possibilities for you to find some adventures, boost your leadership skills, motivation, independence, and broaden the outlook in the spheres of education, religion and philosophy. Abovementioned characteristics will be really needed in your further life. Being an inborn innovator, you are courageous and prefer to end things if you have started them. Most of the physical strength you obtain is usually transformed into new skills, knowledge, and experience that will help you in the breaking point of your life. Your power is enough to lead society to changes.

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus helps you to obtain really needed skills for organization and usage of your finances and material property which needs wise management. These skills are inevitable for the events in your future life. You should think and act, attracting money and desirable wealthy lifestyle. Do it wisely, make your success socially useful and important. You can reach it by means of accurate business strategy, reasonable investments, careful expenditures, and benevolence.

Jupiter in Gemini

Jupiter in Gemini provides you with a great possibility to expand your knowledge and advance your comprehension of the subjects that seemed complicated to you. The life gives you this possibility to prepare for the upcoming events. Your open mind and curiosity will magnetize lots of people to you, and together you will discover many information and truths together. The success is in sharing of the information you obtain with others. Try to become a lector, guide, mentor or educator. Another sphere that is financially pleasant for you is related to social media, promotion, advertising, and broadcasting.

Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer is a great time for you to think about cultivating better characteristics in you, like: kindness, affection, touchiness, empathy and ability to understand everyone’s life. It will definitely help you to find your mission and meet good people through life. Your task is to help, educate, give advises and proper guiding to people who have less of these knowledge. Your happiness lies in the comfort zone of your home. During this period it is possible that you will achieve a large amount of money or estate from your relatives.

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter in Leo opens the possibility to elaborate a generous, sincere, independent cheerful and respectable self with outstanding managing characteristics. During this period you may receive praise, respect, and even a boost in social status. These new events will be a certain test for your egotism. You will feel lifted, honored and important, but don’t forget about people around. You should motivate people and give them an impulse for an action, if needed. The sphere of your interests can expand on politics, religious studies, psychology, development of body and mind, philosophy and culture.

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo is a great time to become more detail-oriented, ambitious, hardworking and communicative. It is a time of making new contacts and maybe doing some favors in advance to potentially profitable people. Such position of Jupiter implicates impressive literary skills, smart methods, scientific talent and attention to details during analysis. You will need these qualities in your journey. Your career promises to be both financially profitable and morally pleasing for you.

More Jupiter in Signs: Libra - Pisces

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Jupiter in Libra creates the possibilities for you to boost your morality and sense of justice. Jupiter in Scorpio helps you to obtain really needed skills for business, financial management and authority in your circle. Jupiter in Pisces is a great time to become more intelligent and educated, to open your soul for empathy and give people kindness and receive it back.