Leo zodiac sign

Greatest Overall Compatibility:Aries, Sagittarius
Best for Marriage and Partnerships:Aquarius
Lucky Numbers:1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22


Leo sign

Date range: July 23 - August 22

Strengths: Original, ardent, open-handed, kind, charming, humor.

Weaknesses: Haughty, hard-nosed, egoistic, lazy, immobile.

Leo likes: Theater, preparing celebrations, being appreciated, luxury things, amazing colors, entertainments.

Leo dislikes: Hatred for ignorance, challenging situations of high difficulty, inappropriate treating (must be as if a king or queen).

First thing that is to mention about these identities is that they are natural and very strong leaders. People can easily rely on them, when they take up the leadership. They also adore drama, are great artists (at times too unnatural), original, desire domination and can oppose anyone.

These identities are led fire and always expect to spend time with pleasure and luxury. They have clear and clever head and are good at resolving different issues. They are initiative and aren't afraid of challenges. Accepting them, they heighten their prestige in the eyes of others.

One of the most noticeable and negative aspects of these identities is their egoism. They are probably the most egoistical sign among other in the hierarchy of Zodiac. They strongly desire to be noticed and recognized. When other folks don't praise their labors they get angry, as well as desperate. Notwithstanding, if they get what they wish, you will see another side of Leos. They will be dedicated, kind and open-handed.

These courageous identities are very resourceful and are persistent when reaching their aims. They should rule. They are unwilling to do the orders of other people. They are good leaders, are devoted friends and open-handed. They are enchanting, self-assured and able to make collaborate other folks for outstanding outcomes.

Difficulties may occur in occasion, when Leos overplay with achievements, desiring ever more. They also tend to be indolent and immobile, thinking that others should do the things in their stead. Thanks to great humor, they easily get along in great companies and at work.


man, heart

These fire-folks are ardent and honest in cases of feelings. In bed, these identities are very dynamic and prefer experiments. You have to remember that they set firm and clear division between love and sex. They prefer only those partners who are actually ready to pass the leadership into Leo's hands. Give them sense of independency and freedom. They also prefer those who can keep up with them. These folks are merry, dedicated and utterly open-handed concerning their second parts.


friends, men

This sign is probably the most open-handed one in the hierarchy of Zodiac. Leo-identities are trustworthy and devout. If their close people require help, they will give out all of their strengths to aid them. They possess great amounts of energy, are dependable, strong in will and enchanting. They are merciful and hospital. They simply adore throwing parties and preparing all the celebrations. You will hardly find them in solitude. Due to their nature, they are always in the center of everybody's attention. They like interacting with interesting people. They commonly choose those identities who have much in common with them.

Leo-identities are very caring with their family. They adore kids and will do whatever is possible to protect them, as they are their future investment and projection.


man, money

They are full of energy and are commonly busy with different affairs. They possess tremendous ambitions, are original and optimists by nature. They have utterly good nose for money and know precisely when and how to earn nice sums of money. They are great in collaboration with others. However, their highest productivity can be reached, when they are on the leading position.

They enjoy success in professions that require revealing artistry. They're also excellent in the spheres of entertainment, as they are all about fun. Commonly, all jobs in which they can be leaders are beneficial for them.

They adore being surrounded by trendy and plushy things. They can slightly earn money and of course, they will spend it for all those beautiful things. They are generous and they will eagerly lend money to their friend, if he/she is in need of them. They are very resourceful workers.


man symbol

You have to know that this type of men adores being treated as if a king. Keeping that in your memory and acting accordingly, you will succeed in seducing him.

Add elements of artistry and drama to your relations. Pay to him extreme attention, show your admiration, dedication and full respect. This will sufficiently aid you in your task.

Be sure that all of your labors and trials will be equally rewarded. Leos can be utterly romantic, giving you fine gifts and showering with flowers. You ought to be patient and show that you are worth of his time and strength. You have to earn good treatment. Make compliments concerning their outer look as he adores being praised. He is ardent and gentle, pretty open-handed and kind.

All Leo-identities are known for being on a continuous hunt. Leo-man requires great excitement, outstanding adventures and various forms of celebrations. He wishes to be in the center of all happenings. This leads to a competition with other females. Get prepared to struggle! The major clue is to like and seduce him in the way he prefers. Do what he wishes. So, treat him as a royal persona and you will prevail! Afterwards, you will be finely rewarded, surrounded with luxury, fine treatment and lots of romantic things.


woman symbol

Leo-identity is quite complex, inasmuch as it has lots of positive and negative qualities and there is no middle ground. Some identities simply cannot withstand people of this sign, while the others adore them. Some hate their selfishness, the others like their charm and elegance.

In occasion, you wish to tempt a Leo-woman, you have to devote a lot of your precious time to her, surrounding her with attention and plushy things. This type prefers romantic men, who will place her in the center of the universe.

If you are going to deal with such a woman, you should be prepared to accept her rules and appreciate what she likes. She won't fight for you, if she sees another woman close to you. She will simply turn and leave you forever.

In bed, there will be a lot of passion, drive, but no games and uncommon experiments. This type adores really worthy things, as well as deeds. Take her to a chic restaurant and fine exhibition, present her flowers and do other gifts to make her feel that she is one of the kind and the most uncommon and nice personality for you. Mind that she looks for men with money. Pure feelings won't hold her long at your side.

She likes to dominate, but not the whole way. You too have to show that you are a strong and dependable partner. Care about her as if she is a queen, give her your love, passion and adoration to have a firm hold on her.

Compatible Signs: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius