How to Write a Horoscope

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How do astrologers make their horoscopes?

If thinking logically, it would be simply impossible to write a detailed information about every living identity in the whole world. It is impossible, because the astrologer has to know every detail concerning the identity, as his/her date, time and location of birth. That's why the astrologers put the Sun Sign on the 1st place and follow the sign in their order in the Zodiac hierarchy. In such way, it is easier to complete the horoscopes for the entire population.

For instance, in occasion, the Moon was in Capricorn today, you would be capable to find out all the affections for your Sun Sign viewing the house that leads Capricorn.

Having your personal Natal Chart, you would be capable to figure out how Capricorn Moon will influence your identity, viewing the house that is ruled by Capricorn. It determines our behavior, characters, and some habits and so on. The same thing is about the planets. The planes can influence us in general, as well as personally. Everything depends on our personal Natal Chart.

The astrologers write their horoscopes using the information of the Moon. The main reason to that is rapid alterations of this sign. It changes every 2 to 2-1/2 days. Therefore, it changes our moods, behavior, affections and so on almost every day. That is why, all the horoscopes on this resource will be written with the help of the Moon indications, because this sign moves very often through all the houses.

Commonly, the horoscopes for months for all signs are prepared on the basis of the indications of Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun, for these planets are changing either each month or about every two months. This brings sense in using them. That is why you will receive the information about your identity with the help of these planets, as they will be passing your house.

When talking about the preparations of the yearly horoscopes, the astrologers use the indications of Saturn and Jupiter, inasmuch as Jupiter will be in a sing for the entire year and Saturn for 2 to 2-1/2 years. Creating the horoscopes for you for a year, we can notice that these planets give the information concerning you.

There are even longer horoscopes that can last for many a year. These are created on the basis of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus, inasmuch as these planets move very long through all the houses. Some of them can be vising the house from 8 to 16 years. This means that astrologers can write about the major indications of the entire generation. These planets predict the future of a certain generation.

How to Compose a Horoscope

The composing of the horoscopes requires great strengths and years of life. They aren't written thanks to the power of imagination only, as many who thinks. This is a very old art, whose first sources origin from the ancient times, when different peoples were trying to understand the nature of the human behavior and fortune. From one generation to another, from one epoch to a new one, the scientists had been developing this art and they gave a great push for the modern scholars. It would be just to name astrology science and art at the same time.

Mind that there are some variations of the types of the horoscopes around the globe. Due to that factor, this article will have concerns with the ordinary Western Zodiac horoscopes.

Writing Inspired Horoscopes

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Create the horoscopes with the help of research and attention to the location of the sun, moon and stars. Begin every horoscope with the main indications concerning each house.

Improving Your Writing

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Astrology is a serious science and none should take it lightly. It requires deep knowledge and much time to have a real mastery of it.