Improving Your Writing

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Astrology is a serious science and none should take it lightly. It requires deep knowledge and much time to have a real mastery of it. This is a serious science. Due to different systems, approaches, points of view, differences in cultures, the horoscopes exist in great variety. It is utterly difficult to determine the one system, for each involves various sources of information. Everything depends on the things you believe in and which life-aims you have.

View the main astrological events of the definite periods to begin composing horoscopes. It is utterly complex for the beginners even to read this all and understand afterwards. The composing will be even more complicated. You have to begin with basic and common indications and afterwards, begin composing daily and detailed predictions. Remain always focused.

Knowing the Signs

Have a good command of every solar house.You might be surprised, but you already know some vital part of information concerning the solar houses. Your birthday determines your native sign. It depends on the place and day where the sun rose on your birthday. This creates your ascendant house. Prior learning the manifestations of other houses and signs, you have to learn precisely the main indications of your native ones.

Aries. Aries is at the beginning of zodiac hierarchy. These identities are commonly full of energy. At times, they may seem to be a bit insane, utterly adventurous and self-confident. They are extremely, active, dynamic and intriguing companions. However, too great amounts of energy make them selfish, hardnosed and impatient.

  • House of the Self, Outlook & Personal Drive.
  • Ruled by Mars.

Taurus. These folks are dependable, possess great patience and are open-handed. Nevertheless, there are observed some selfish doings as well. They may become greedy and jealous with their material possessions. In private relations, this may take place as well. They can be very stubborn.

  • House of Private Values and Financial Matters.
  • Ruled by Venus.

Gemini. Extremely quick in reaction to the alterations of their occupation, allows them to adapt to anything. They are clever and sly while conversations. They are overly emotional, which may complicate their interaction with other identities. They may deceit due to their doubled nature. They are utterly active and have love for life.

  • House of Interaction & Local Culture.
  • Ruled by Mercury.

Cancer. These folks are overfilled with love, gentleness and possess incredible imagination. They are utterly dedicated and will do whatever is needed to protect the dearest people. They are also too sensuous and one can easily hurt them. The hurt may run deep and last long.

  • House of Identity & Roots.
  • Ruled by the Moon

Leo. These identities are very open-handed, warm in interaction, extremely enthusiastic and entertaining. They are about great fun and adventures, wishing to take the best from life. They are oftentimes egoistic and like to rule the others.

  • House of Children, Originality & Entertainment.
  • Ruled by the Sun.

Virgo. These folks are not extraverts at all and do not reveal much of their emotions. They are clever, logical, pragmatic, possess great analytical thinking, are of the greatest dependability and are very devoted companions. However, they are too critical to others and to themselves. Perfectionism in them may oftentimes lead them to troubles.

  • House of Work & Ritual.
  • Ruled by Mercury.

Libra. These individualities are enchanting, prefer idealism and are great companions. They know how to resolve confrontation of any kind and are utterly romantic. Nevertheless, they may delve deeply inside of their self and are flirtatious.

  • House of Collaboration.
  • Ruled by Mercury.

Scorpios. These folks are sure of what they wish, always aim at the things they desire and are very passionate. They possess inner magnetism that cannot be explained, but felt. They are too secretive and at times, their emotional rage may make them blind, especially when the matter involves their ambitions.

  • House of Sex, Mystery & Financial Matters.
  • Ruled by Mars & Pluto.

Sagittarius. These identities are probably most enthusiastic about life. They are extremely adventurous and funny, possess incredible humor, are optimistic and adore philosophy. They are restless, cannot settle somewhere for long time and at times, are too irresponsible and lack seriousness.

  • House of Adventure, Journey & Learning.
  • Ruled by Jupiter.

Capricorn. These identities are perhaps the best organizers amongst other signs. They are very responsible, practical, give much heed to details. They possess great ambitions and wish to reach only the greatest heights at work. They may forget about their family, if they have misfortune at work and can easily get depressive.

They are practical and can easily plan anything.They possess enormous ambitions and are very serious. Nevertheless, they have incredible humor as well. They may be a bit restrained, particularly, when they are searching personal aims and start dreaming. Their worldview is commonly too depressive. Oftentimes, they are disappointed with their lives.

  • House of Career & Public Stability.
  • Ruled by Saturn.

Aquarius. The Aquarius-born are very sociable, honest, just, devoted and dynamic identities. They adore good conversations, are active in all social matters and respect independency. At times, they are too self-indulged and seem to be far away.

  • House of Unions & Crowds.
  • Ruled by Saturn & Uranus.

Pisces. These individualities are commonly swimming in the ocean of their own powerful imagination. Frequently, they lose the connection with the actual world. They will eagerly help the others, sacrificing their own wishes and desires. They are great idealists and dreamers and their emotional state is utterly fragile. One can slightly hurt them.

  • House of Mystery and Intuition.
  • Ruled by Jupiter & Neptune.

How to Write a Horoscope

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The composing of the horoscopes requires great strengths and years of life. They aren't written thanks to the power of imagination only, as many who thinks.

Writing Inspired Horoscopes

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Create the horoscopes with the help of research and attention to the location of the sun, moon and stars. Begin every horoscope with the main indications concerning each house.