Picking up the phone to have a hearty tete-a-tete or text messaging - what do you prefer?

woman, phone

Aries: Aries use modern means of communication only if they need. They are pretty short in what they want to say, so don't expect long mails and long phone talks from Aries. It is just natural for them, and try not to feel like they are rude or something. However, they never make someone wait, so they answer quickly and concentrate on the talk only.

Taurus: Taurus may become quite annoying, if this sign is in love with someone. They try to communicate with the person they like as many times as they can, but they are really bad at expressing their feelings in words. So, they hope that the person they call to will take a leading and supportive role in the communication. They would love to speak with an interesting person for hours. They are good listeners, by the way. As for the formal communications, Taurus is very short and direct.

Gemini: Gemini is a type of people who can be silent for a while, and then surprise you with a call or invite. They believe that friendship can not be influenced by time apart or distance. If you are a friend with a reliable Gemini, you are lucky one, but individuals are different. As for the formal communication, they are consistent and short.

Cancer: Cancers love to send texts. They tend to write generally, they can be good authors. The things they write are just hilarious; you can even take some phrases to quote somewhere, as Cancers are really witty people. If you want to read interesting stories about everyday life - become friends with Cancer. They are emotional and analytical people, who admit the smallest details and can make a good joke about it. However, they are quite demanding to their chat friends as well.

Leo: Leos are very interesting people to talk with. They have a sophisticated and interesting word choice, so that you can always find some words to borrow. They can spread their kindness and optimism no matter how far they are. They will always support you with a friendly talk. Leos like to speak to different people so they can show how good they are in chatting. If you don't have a Leo friend - go and find one.

Virgo: Virgos are very passive communicators, though they are good friends. If they give you an advice it is worth of adhering to. Virgos are not type of people who call just to spend some time talking, they are very pragmatic and like to speak when it is needed. Also you won't find Virgo talking for hours with someone, unless they are in love or have an extremely important topic to discuss.

Libra: Libras are pretty boring in texting. They can express the most interesting idea and it will sound mediocre. However, they are not so boring to speak to in reality. They see your eyes ad analyze your behavior and always adjust to you. They are good listeners and nice friends. In messaging they are brief and essential. In reality they are way better than in the texts.

Scorpio: Scorpions are bad in guessing the intonation in texting, so they are not that good, because they are easily misguided. Try to call them or see them. In real life they are wit and charmingly skeptical.

Sagittarius: The representatives of this sign are very interesting. They are manipulative in texts, as they can't really write interesting texts, so they are good listeners and will make you to do the job for them. They also use lots of media attachments to express what they think and how they feel. These people also create some weird and funny short word forms. They are really interesting to chat with.

Capricorn: They are really direct in their phrases, so if you don't want to know the bitter truth, don't even ask them. They are especially direct when they are texting. They don't see your face and presence, so they don't feel guilty for their words. Capricorns have good memory for words, so be careful in whet you say, as it may return to you even few years after. Capricorns are very attentive to grammar usage.

Aquarius: Aquarius people try to be in touch with their beloved ones as more as possible. Be sure that they will use all the means of communication to talk to you. They are great in teams and among colleagues. Funny and wit, Aquarius always try to make the atmosphere positive. They always call back and write texts. Their humorous messages can make any day a brighter one.

Pisces: They can talk on phone for hours. It means really for a few hours. They are very sociable and need to feel that they are not alone and need to feel and give support. You know you can cal Pisces no matter what time is now, and they will listen to all your stories, making your day better. It works only if you are in good relationships with Pisces, as they don't spend time on people who mean less to them.