Astrology Zodiac

"Zodiac" textually stands for animals and is connected with the creations, which can be observed among stars in nighttime. Zodiac belt passes the energies of various hereditary sign information and so, transmits the heavenly powers and meanings to the Earth. It becomes eventual to figure out the energies and impacts upon our lives thanks to the continuous move of heavenly bodies around the Sun in common cycles. These impacts and energy inflows are utterly essential for all of us, inasmuch as they determine the way of our advancement. They involve each sphere and manifestation in our life each second.

Zodiac hierarchy: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. These the common and well-know indicators of our life. They're answerable for everything we do and what we feel. They determine how we react and interact, which ways we choose and why.

There's such a terminus as the Planetary Leadership. It's a connection of planet and the led sign and house. Commonly, every sign is led by one of 7 visible planets and there may be only a single ruling heavenly body.

All the signs of Zodiac hierarchy can refer to both genders, have positive and negative sides or activity and passivity. In occasions, you are not sure concerning your sign, check here to find the required information.

As it was mentioned previously, "zodiac" denotes "animals" and has strong connection with 12 heavenly bodies, whose areas are passed by the Sun (about 1 degree daily). For astrologers, this means the orbit of our planet round the Sun. during this time, yearly, we live through various things that are undoubtedly led by the representatives of Zodiac hierarchy.

Zodiac houses are split up in three types They're Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. They're the Quaternaries, inasmuch as each includes four signs respectively. Each is unique and carries its own messages and values that influence our life in all sphere.


man, cardinal, strong

The Cardinal signs, which in common or unconventional chart create four cardinal points. These ones are known for their enormous activity. These are represented by Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The ruling bodies are Moon, Saturn, Mars and Venus. It may seem that the changeable Moon affects the rate in the rest three bodies stand for the next things - Saturn for location, Mars for Self and Venus for the companion. Thus, all are irrepressible very much like the Moon. Its powers and inflows emphasize the inner energies. Their properties are of great importance. These are about pretty mobile and quick identities who can slightly adapt to novice occupation, though are vulnerable at times.


man, fixed

The Fixed ones origin from houses of Success. They indicate a firm fixity and incredible power of will. These ones greatly withstands alterations. They make us resist any sort of alterations and make us settle down in one place and undertake conventional and unchangeable doings. They include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Their rulers are Sun, Saturn, Venus and Mars. The Sun has a non-changing power and as for other planets, Saturn is answerable for hopes, desires and mates, Venus for money dealings and possessions and Mars for regeneration. In their unity, they resist their desires. These are responsible for firmness, security and at times, hard-nosiness. They represent confident identities, which are inflexible as well.


man, mutable, horse

The Mutable ones origin from houses of rhythm. They're flexible, mobile, can slightly adapt to any alterations, possess strong connection with imaginary world, communication and have concerns with different ideas. These exclude Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius and Pisces. These differ from the others, for they have two leaders only - Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury is answerable for matters of mind, which helps us to realize and form our thoughts. Jupiter is answerable for perfections and norms. These identities easily collaborate with other folks, inasmuch as they do not have as great desires as the rest eight do. This makes them flexible and easy-going. These ones are about witty identities who possess incredible imagination.

The sum of all the meanings and values that give these bodies define our constant development since the birth and until death. They can finely explain who we actually are, what we prefer, why we choose this or that path, why do we feel in this particular way and so on. Learning all the indications and messages, we will understand our own nature, as well as nature of other individualities faster and easier.