Virgo zodiac sign

Color:Forest Green,
Greatest Overall Compatibility:Taurus, Capricorn
Best for Marriage and Partnerships:Pisces
Lucky Numbers:5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50


virgo sign

Date range: August 23 - September 22

Strengths: Dedicated, analytical, tender, workaholic, pragmatic.

Weaknesses: Timidity, bother, abnormal criticism, work in the first place.

Virgo likes: Pets, health, books, nature, tidiness.

Virgo dislikes: Rude behavior, asking for aid, acting as a leader.

The most noticeable fact concerning these identities is their detailed view. This is a very caring sign. People born under it like serving others and they don't ask a great reward for that. Simple "Thank you" and appreciation would be enough for them. They only have to know you've noticed was they've been doing. They are precise and analytical.

They are stuffy, well-organized and utterly responsible. They may act a bit messy at times. Notwithstanding, they know precisely what their goals are and how to reach them. All is planned in the smallest details.

These folks are pretty successful at writing and speaking. Accordingly, they are good at any job that involves communication with society. Oftentimes, other identities don't entirely understand them, inasmuch as Virgo-born use a specific system of symbols that is difficult to understand. They like to express everything for the first time, as real pacemakers. They like serving others and are extremely good at planning different celebrations. However, they don't like being in the leadership. Due to their nature, they feel better, when other give them orders.


man, heart

These folks require feeling that they are desired and required. They know what tact means and are great lovers. They will show you a lot in bed, but they won't speak a lot about love openly. These ones will rather have one, but stabile relation, than many, but short-termed. Personal relations are of great importance for them. These identities are utterly devoted, loyal and trustworthy. They will give much heed to their second part.


friends, men

Virgos are naturally devout and dependable companions. They are perfect advisers and actually know how to resolve this or that issue. They will be always reminding other folks to take care about themselves, as they are good at healing and health. They are devoted to family and commonly, are caring with everyone, particularly with the elderly. They are outstanding parents and will protect their kids. However, they show a little of their inner happenings and at times, they are thought to be too cold and reserved.


man, money

These identities are very pragmatic with the things they undertake and always labor hard. These individualities reach the roots of any issue. They prosper in the professions that involve organization. If you want a perfect planning of a wedding or any other celebration - call Virgo.

They are perfect executers. If they have some aim, be sure that they will complete it in the best way. They are interested in books and the arts. They are extremely good in medicine, education and psychology. Oftentimes, Virgo-identities become excellent writers and critics.

These folks know the cost of earning money and so, they spend it reasonably. They aren't wasteful and would spend money for practical things. They plan all expenses in advance and would hardly spend more than is needed. Nevertheless, exceptions take place and they buy luxury things as well.


man symbol

Mind that you have to stick to definite rules and peculiarities of Virgo-man, if you are determined to win him over. First of all, be orderly and clean as he is. Don't be pushy. This man won't haste in love matters, as he strongly requires confidence and trust.

This type of men experiences great fear before unknown things. Consequently, you have to create the atmosphere of safety and confidence, to widen his trust to you.

These identities are very dependable, clever, pragmatic and unassuming. Notwithstanding, this sign has negative manifestations as well. They are a bit negative about life, are weird, at times shy, bustling, petty and restrained. Keep in mind all these indications to have a better notion on how to cope with these identities.

This type is very sensitive and though he might act as if he is restrained and indifferent, he actually desires your attention. Be patient and soon, you will see how warm his feelings are. Thus, you will reach great connection for future advancement.

You will need to give some time for this man, for he reluctantly reveals his inner affection. Endurance is the clue here. Be honest and tidy with him. If you enjoy success in seducing him, you will gain a very devoted and trustworthy partner for the entire lifetime. Have no doubts that your labors and nerves will be finely rewarded and you will win even more.


woman symbol

Virgo-identities are a great combo of intellect, attention to details and liability. Women of this sign are very clever, wise and dependable personalities. They are serious and so, you can rely on them.

At first, the relationships with Virgo-women may frighten you. Notwithstanding, giving your relations some more time, you will understand that things aren't so bad as you thought at the beginning. They may be cold on the surface at first, but they are pragmatic, attentive and hold up to real world. They unwillingly step into novel relations, so it may take some time to reach deep intimacy. This means that you will require a lot of endurance and strong nerves. In occasion of success, you will enjoy great fruits of your work, as you will receive a very devoted and ardent partner.

These women don't wish to be surrounded with plushy things, which bring no sense in a practical meaning. They need those things that can be helpful in everyday life. Do the things that can pleasantly impress these women and you will be a real conqueror.

Keep in mind that even being greatly in love with you such a woman will reluctantly enter serious relationships. They require total trust. Don't be hasty in these relations and build strong and dependable relations. Nevertheless, within some time, doing all the necessary things, you will enjoy tremendous success. And thus, you will acquire faithful second part.

Compatible Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces