Jupiter Signs & Luck: Earth Signs

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Jupiter in Taurus

People of Jupiter in Taurus experience the time of their life, when they are benevolent, consciously generous and forbearing. This people need to avoid laziness and pampering.

Earth sign is a person that is highly practical and reasonable, being in Jupiter means that representatives of this Jupiter sign need to imagine the result of their work to feel really motivated. You are a person of action, whose mind is never clouded by cheat schemes and fast methods to achieve success. You prefer well-known and tried-before approaches to reach your destination. Projects with clear plans, calculated possibilities and insurance are made exactly for your state of mind.

The best time comes for you, when the Sun is in Jupiter and Taurus, also when the Sun is in earth signs like Virgo and Capricorn. Check the table to see the time of the year when these periods occur.

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo people are extremely lucky if they are reliable, sincere, pragmatic, disciplined, and detail-oriented. The areas of work that can bring profit to Jupiter in Virgo are food, medicine and service areas.

As Virgo is an Earth sign, you are down-to-earth person, and need to see the outcome in order to accomplish your activity. You are a person who acts, instead of waiting for something to happen. You don't believe in quick methods of achieving success, but you know step by step approaches that will definitely help you.

The best period during any year is when the Sun visits your Jupiter sign, and when it is in other Earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn. In order to know when it happens, check the table below.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter in Capricorn representatives are on their way to success when they control and execute, manage their time and resources and reach personal maturity. IN order to make their goals come true, they need down-to-earth approach with well-thought decisions and strict order.

As the Jupiter here is in the Earth sign, Capricorn represents realistic approach that needs to see the results for further motivation. Capricorns are not dreamers, they are rather implementers of the ideas and projects they have. Risk is not about them, they prefer accurate calculation and precise steps in everything they do.

They are prosperous and followed by happiness when the Sun is in Capricorn or any other Earth signs like Taurus or Virgo. Check the table beneath this article to learn when the prosperous period takes place.

Jupiter Signs & Luck

Jupiter, luck, zodiac

The place that Jupiter occupies in the birth chart (natal chart) shows how we convey our unselfishness and how broadminded we are. It helps us see how we move towards the enhancement of our living and to which extent we trust people and rely on the power of the universe.