Reading Natal Chart

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The investigations and studies of the interactions of all the bodies help to understand our faith, build plans for life and allow to better realize all the manifestations. These charts greatly help to clear our nature, explain all sides of our personality and allow predicting our nearest and even far future. It is necessary to know all the indications concerning astrology art.

Your native chart chart reveals the location of the heavenly bodies when were born and their location defines your future character, habits, gifts and faith.

Your native chart is commonly shown in the form of a circle that is you. The bodies that were seen you were born on the horizontal line of the circle have the most significant influence upon your life.

The circle is commonly separated into 12 sections, which depict all 12 twelve signs of the Zodiac hierarchy. They are called "houses". The house under first number is located below the horizontal line on the left of your chart. All houses will follow one another and will be divided by the lines that are called "cusps".

The sign that is situated on the left of the native chart is known as ascendant, or the rising sign. Itgets altered approximately every two hours or so. It is extremely essential to know the precise time of your birth, inasmuch as this rising sign has a great impact upon how you show yourself to the world. In occasion, you require more information concerning this sign, read about the Ascendant's meaning in the art of Astrology.

When the signs are in their position, all the planets are located in the required areas and reveal their locations at the moment you were born. Mind that certain charts exclude the location of big asteroids and other bodies that are of lesser dimension and which are not so frequently used. There are colored lines that get through the center and are known as aspects, which indicate the expression of the planets. They explain in what way the planets interact with one another and how they are related.

Do not think that knowing all their properties and manifestations, you will resolve all the difficulties in your life and will predict precisely what will occur. It is impossible. Notwithstanding, they give great amounts of helpful information, which will ease our way in understanding various life issues and how to plan our life-aims better. This information can also reveal some of our talents and most potential and successful branches for further development.

You can freely use the Birth Chart Calculator. This program can hugely help you to figure out different questions about yourself. Every moment is vital, no matter how good or bad it has turned to be. Learning better your native chart, you will understand faster and better what gifts you possess and how to use them maximally effectually. This knowledge will also aid you in overcoming different problems and will tell how to enjoy success.

How much does personal natal chart show about money and wealth?

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The 2nd house symbolizes income and ambitions or desires regarding money. The 8th house symbolizes money gained through connections or long-termed relationships.

The Birthchart as a Map


The birthchart is probably the most interesting thing for an astrological student. The first thing to know when looking at the birthchart is that it shows the picture from the Earth's perspective or from a geocentric one.

What is a Rising Sign?

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Ascendant - It may be in the natal chart on the place of the first House cusp. It shows the way the world see us, the way we let others perceive us, the image we have. The Ascendant is the way people see us, our clothing following abovementioned metaphor.

Balance of Elements Calculation

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The majority of charts have almost even number of elements, which means that they have certain planets (+ the Rising sign) attached to all Zodiac signs. Dominant or weak element is usually obvious by a person's temper, but the element of every House cusp ruler will show a character of a person according to the branch of life assigned to each House.

Astrology: Aspects and Orbs

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Aspects show how different planets and signs coexist on energetic level. Aspects are the bound and relations between at least two or sometimes more planets. Major aspects: conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition - is a name to title the main and essential degrees of angles in Astrology.

Locate your sign. Learn the meaning of your sign.

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Your birth section will define your Zodiac sign. Though all signs have their influence and reflect on your behavior and character, your native sign has the greatest meaning for your identity.

Learn about the houses.

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Mark that each house is actually unique and has great differences in comparison with other ones. Some things may be similar, while the others may completely differ.

Locate the planets. Learn about planets.

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Different planets are answerable for various issues and tasks. They have sufficient affect upon the way of your advancement in all the spheres.

Put to usage your houses and signs for better interpretation. Tips.

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The planets define your likings, habits, the things you like and hate, how you enjoy life and how you overcome the impediments.

The Significance of the Houses in Astrology


Houses play their significant parts in our development and each has its meaning and destination. The birth chart is divided into 12 houses that represent the sky in your birth time.

Synastry Aspects, Compatibility of Elements, Closer Look to House Overlays


Synastry is a special branch of astrology. It is the Astrology for love. It can show the level of how close people are and can become. Synastry analyzes three features: Elements in the chart, House Overlays, Synastry Aspects.

Synastry - Introduction to Elements and Energies


"Yang" elements are: fire and air. They are compatible with each other. "Yin" elements, which are also compatible, are water and earth. House Overlays shows what people think about each other and what their feelings are, as well as their expectations and hopes from this relationship and how they can influence each other.

Lunations, Nodes, Eclipses

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Transiting lunation cycle starts from the New Moon every month and completes the cycle every month. The cycle of New Moon to the Full Moon appears every month, but sometimes, when some astronomical events occur at the same time with lunation we observe an eclipse.