Locate the planets. Learn about planets

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Locate the planets.

Different planets are answerable for various issues and tasks. They have sufficient affect upon the way of your advancement in all the spheres. They all are symbolized in different manner.

The Sun is noticed by a circle with a dot in the middle. The Moon is a shape of a half-crescent.

Venus is marked as a female emblem and Mars stands for depicting male symbol. Mercury also represents male identities, with two jutted lines out of the top of the circle.

Jupiter is very similar to 4, while Saturn looks much alike 5.

The depicting of the remaining planets is rather complicated. Uranus is much alike the female emblem with four lines on every part that run outwards in different ways.

Neptune is the cross with two lines on each side, looking upwards.

Pluto is an interesting combo of the previous two bodies. Its female emblem gazes upwards with two lines on each side that loop upwards as well.

Learn about personal planets.

The planets are separated into two types - personal and outer planets. It is of great importance to know all of their indications. They reveal the most obvious and essential points of human behavior and likings. Nevertheless, the details play their significant role as well. At times, the smallest thing can change the entire story. They reveal individual characteristics, as well as the general ones. They show how we interact with our occupation and other identities and how we deal with material and spiritual issues.

Learn about outer planets.

This sort of planets involve very personal matters. All our inner states and happenings are strongly connected with these planets. They reveal how we act in society and how we advance on the personal level. They show the degree of our responsibilities and the manner of further development. They define the ways of gaining novice knowledge, indicate our desires, ideals and imagination. In addition, they give clearer understanding of how we get prepared for changes and our reaction to sudden happenings.

Locate your sign. Learn the meaning of your sign.

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Your birth section will define your Zodiac sign. Though all signs have their influence and reflect on your behavior and character, your native sign has the greatest meaning for your identity.

Reading Natal Chart

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Your native chart chart reveals the location of the heavenly bodies when were born and their location defines your future character, habits, gifts and faith.

Learn about the houses.

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Mark that each house is actually unique and has great differences in comparison with other ones. Some things may be similar, while the others may completely differ.

Put to usage your houses and signs for better interpretation. Tips.

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The planets define your likings, habits, the things you like and hate, how you enjoy life and how you overcome the impediments.

The Significance of the Houses in Astrology


Houses play their significant parts in our development and each has its meaning and destination. The birth chart is divided into 12 houses that represent the sky in your birth time.