Locate your sign. Learn the meaning of your sign.

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Locate your sign.

As it was mentioned, there are 12 sections and your birthday will join one of them. Your birth section will define your Zodiac sign. All of the signs have their own peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages and all necessary indications that you are to learn. Thus, you will be prepared for life much better.

If you want to know your Zodiac sign, you should draw a small person on the globe in the center, which must be in the point of your birth. Guide the line to the out rim of the chart and you will know your sign.

All the heavenly bodies are shown in the order they appeared on your birthday.

Learn the meaning of your sign.

Though all signs have their influence and reflect on your behavior and character, your native sign has the greatest meaning for your identity. In occasion, you are Cancer you are overly emotional and sensual, keep an eye on your home and are busy with the matters of your dearest people. It is possible to find all the indications concerning your identity online. You can find or purchase many useful books concerning astrology. This will sufficiently help you in learning more about your identity.

Realize in what ways your sign can be read.

There exist great variety of different aspects on how each sign can be read. It is essential to compile information concerning all details, even the smallest ones. This will make the picture clearer. It is crucial to know the precise place and time of your birth, which will ease the way of finding out the interaction of all houses and planets.

Find the ascendant.

The rising sign is utterly important. This is that very point, which was rising over the Eastern horizon at the precise moment of your birthday. This will aid you in determining the labeling the houses in your native chart.

For instance, your ascendant was at 5 o'clock. This will define the cusp of the first house. View all 12 sections and find your rising sign that will point out the first house for you.

Learn about the houses.

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Mark that each house is actually unique and has great differences in comparison with other ones. Some things may be similar, while the others may completely differ.

Reading Natal Chart

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Your native chart chart reveals the location of the heavenly bodies when were born and their location defines your future character, habits, gifts and faith.

Locate the planets. Learn about planets.

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Different planets are answerable for various issues and tasks. They have sufficient affect upon the way of your advancement in all the spheres.

Put to usage your houses and signs for better interpretation. Tips.

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The planets define your likings, habits, the things you like and hate, how you enjoy life and how you overcome the impediments.

The Significance of the Houses in Astrology


Houses play their significant parts in our development and each has its meaning and destination. The birth chart is divided into 12 houses that represent the sky in your birth time.