Gemini zodiac sign

Greatest Overall Compatibility:Libra, Aquarius
Best for Marriage and Partnerships:Sagittarius
Lucky Numbers:3, 8, 12, 23


gemini sign

Date range: May 21 - June 20

Strengths: Tender, obtrusive, curious, capability to learn novel things and quickly sharing it, accessible.

Weaknesses: Nervous, incoherent, irresolute.

Gemini likes: Music, reading books, talking with merely everybody, lots of travelling to any place.

Gemini dislikes: Eagerness for solitude, routine, restrictions.

Identities of this sign are utterly expressive and possess quick way of thinking. Their inner personality is duel and so, you may meet two different personalities in different days. These identities are very sociable and always stand for communication with different people. The more people they interact with the better it is. They are also for fun in all its manifestations. Nevertheless, they can also be very serious or too irresolute. They have many concerns with intellectual development. They adore learning and teaching novel things. They are interested in almost everything in this world and that's why they constantly wish to have their hands in all the happenings around. They are afraid that they won't keep up all they wish to deal with. They are commonly excellent artists, writers and journalists. They are on a continuous search of novelties. They possess a curious mind and cannot live without fun and excitement. They aren't boring at all.


man, heart

As these identities adore fun, they are overly energetic and have great amounts of stamina. They are passionate lovers. They wish to combine physical and spiritual connection with their partner. If that is reached, they will be utterly happy. They are flirtatious and may hang out with different folks at the same time. This is all because they want to find that perfect partner to the end of their days.

They require constant excitement and difference in relations. All is to be on a constant move. In case, the required person is found, Gemini will be completely dedicated and trustworthy.


friends, men

These identities are socially developed and adore spending their time with the closest people. They have actually great numbers of friends and quite good number of lovers. This shows that this sign is utterly communicative. If not keeping alive the conversation, their interest will be quickly withdrawn and you will lose chance for relations with them. Their family is of great importance for them, particularly those members who have much in common with them. They adore spending their time with relatives as well. Commonly, family duties seem to be a great challenge to them. Nevertheless, they always find the ways out.


man, money

These folks prefer that sort of work that reinforces intellect. They possess extraordinary skills, are original and creative, quite intelligent and energetic. Notwithstanding, they hate the things that repeat.

They are extremely successful in the roles of teachers, journalists, writers and lawyers. As you can see, they succeed in those professions that involve wide communication. They are tremendous dealers.

They may experience difficulties between choosing pragmatic approach and pleasure. They wish to have everything at once. Oftentimes, they cannot get anything at all, as they are involved in too many dealings. They don't give much heed to money, but they always know when and where they can earn a fair income. They rarely have a need in money.


man symbol

The Gemini-man is ebullient and has great love for life. You will hardly feel unease and bored, if being with him. He prefers different adventures and humor. He possesses great heaps of energy and you ought to be sure that you can keep up with him.

They like flirting and adore all sorts of smart conversation. Consequently, it is better to go with him to the places, where you can meet a few people. Otherwise, he may switch his attention to other identities.

On the negative side of these identities is great lack of confidence. When the matter comes up to making decisions they hesitate a lot. They have a dual nature. They lack consistency, but remain very smart. This makes him quite attractive by women.

It is impossible to cling to such a man. Always keep in mind that this type of men needs constant intellectual stimulation and a lot of excitement. Try to be funny, honest, laugh when he cracks jokes and don't be afraid of experiments in bed. This will make you utterly attractive for him. You can suggest something on your own. Use various approaches in all the dealings and while conversations. They ought to be interesting.

If you aren't ready fro challenging situations and different experiments, you'd better leave the intention to be with such man. However, if you are ready to accept the challenge, you will not regret afterwards.


woman symbol

In occasions, you have decided to start the relations with a woman of this sign you ought to gather your patience, as her nature is dual. She is inconsistent. She is very ardent and kind, but the next moment she may be apart, as if somewhere far away. She is utterly cautious in personal relations.

This type is quite ebullient, clever, possess great intellectual potential and is good while conversations. She is open to everything and eager to do that.

This type is quick for sex. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean something serious. To gain serious relationships, you will have to be very patient and insistent. Still, if finding her man, who will satisfy and meet all of her requirements, this woman will leave other contacts and variants and will dedicate herself to her beloved.

You may create an outstanding pair with such a woman, but at first, you ought to win her. To do that, you should meet her standards, especially mental and sexual. Besides, sex with Gemini-woman will always be intriguing and pleasant.

This woman is very clever and will always have lots of things to speak about with her. However, you should choose interesting topics to reinforce her desire for excitement. The dating with this sort of women is both intriguing and challenging. Be sure to cope with that!

Compatible Signs: Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius