Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

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Air is in charge of nervous and circulatory systems, of the way food is propelled through the stomach, of our urinary system and lungs. People of air signs are spontaneous, easily motivated, active, but they are quite easy to baffle and outbalance.

Excess Air

Energetic, impatient, touchy air signs can be easily tired due to their curiosity and restlessness. As well as their skin that needs proper moisturizing, so does their hair and body. Representatives of air signs tend to have problems with sleep and rest, schedule, and memory.

Include into diet: Half-steamed veggies, organic bread, hazelnuts.

Remove from diet: Uncooked and raw food, root vegetables, food that contains yeast, white sugar.

Cure: Enzymes – large molecules full of amino acids and proteins to digest all the useful elements in food.

Low Air

When air element is passively expressed, problems with activity in an organism can occur. Nervous system usually suffers from such situation the most. It lacks of vitamins and minerals, like calcium and zinc. Blood circulation is slow and all the minerals are hardly digestedGo for vegetable smoothies and sprouted seeds. Oatmeals will help you a lot, use them in any available shape, it will supply nutrients to your organism, and you will not want to go to sleep become sleepy after such meal.

Include into diet: Ginkgo biloba, black pepper, ginger, turmeric, yogurt.

Remove from diet: Heavy meats, carbonated drinks, baked goods.

Cure: Angostura aromatic bitters or dandelion leaves in salads.

ATTENTION: The information above is not an alternative to a regular care and medical treatment methods. The information is provided for general education and is not a complete treatment course. It was not designed to diagnose or prescribe. This website has no responsibility for the further actions of individuals. The article is purely informational, please, try to balance your diet and never be drastic in your food choice.

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Every astrological chart depicts the way person looks and reflects his or her health image. Astrology also can introduce certain recommendations on how to work in order to reduce or prevent possible health problems and how to cope with already available ones.

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