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Scorpio is in charge of reproductive and sensory organs.

Health picture: Scorpios are very active, energetic and have a cheerful disposition. Scorpios, unfortunately, are prone to have problems with sexual organs, so they need to monitor that area with special caution. Irritated skin on the sexual organs, thrush, cystitis, urethritis and venereal illnesses are the diapason of illnesses possible for Scorpios. Also, Scorpios can suffer from their nervousness, causing not only emotional difficulties, but also problems with health.

Pluto is Scorpio's main planet, which is believed to symbolize the creating of reproductive cells in human body. That's why Scorpio is really connected with sexual energy. Often, Scorpios are robust, attractive and can easily heal after injures and hard times. There's a belief that Scorpios never really get old, and even in old age they look way younger than they really are.

Scorpio's biological cell salt is sulphate of calcium. It helps to cure damaged tissues in the body and to create new, healthy ones.

Calcium sulphate helps to resist and protects from infectious diseases. Respiratory apparatus, digestive tract, alimental canal and sexual organs use this element for their normal operating. The lack of this mineral may cause easy way for infections, as the immune system will not handle everything on its own. Skin, sexual organs and respiratory apparatus usually suffer the most from its lack.

Eating tips: It is obligatory to include cauliflower seeds, blueberries, tomatoes, zucchinis, onions, parsley, beetroot, carrot, coconuts, avocado, and asparagus. Calcium food which includes milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and regular cheese and kefir are needed with vitamin D to ensure bones' and teeth's strength. It is preferable for Scorpios to practice diet rich in proteins, fresh fruit juices, steamed veggies and organic foods. Useful foods for Scorpio are as following: citruses, oily food like cauliflower seeds, nuts, avocado and olives, greens, blueberries, cranberries, apples, pears, watermelons and grape.

Avoid: Try to eat only in order to feel full, but not overeat. Search for pleasure in food without additives in sugar and fat, experience the real taste of food without artificial aroma or great amounts of salt and sugar. Avoid alcohol, because for Scorpio it may be additively dangerous and fast in damaging and destruction.

Health & Diet

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Every astrological chart depicts the way person looks and reflects his or her health image. Astrology also can introduce certain recommendations on how to work in order to reduce or prevent possible health problems and how to cope with already available ones.

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Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are considered to be really sensitive to their surrounding, especially to bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. In case of water signs most of their health problems are connected to their mental and emotional state.

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