What's your style of Home Decor According to Your Zodiac Sign?

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Aries: They try to keep things comfortable as long as they can. They really try to avoid chaos in their mind and homes. Aries are practical, so if they buy something, it has its own purpose and will definitely be used. They are disciplined in their stuff. They rarely buy something new, they try to find out how to increase the usability of this item for a longer period.

Taurus: They like simplicity and value of the things. That's why they don't keep the presents that they don't use or postcards, though it may seem strange to others. Taurus representatives are pragmatic and know the place to every little thing in their house.

Gemini: Gemini people are okay if they are surrounded by some sort of clutter, until they know where and how to find a thing. They believe that there are way more important things in the life than spending time on ordering things. Also they are fond of gifts and souvenirs from their trips.

Cancer: Cancers love everything to be spacious and comfy. If you look into their bedroom you'd likely find big bed, big painting over the wall, comfy oversized chair etc. They would fill the room with furniture rather than with decorative elements. They are definitely the fans of old-school.

Leo: Leos are absolutely unpredictable when it comes to decor. Their rooms should be sophisticated and stylish, but here comes the lion that decides which style in particular. Leos are the gurus of eclectic, as they mix strange things which give a beautiful picture in the result. You can get ready to see a lot of statues, souvenirs from different corners of the world, bright posters and minimalistic pictures in intricate frames. However, they are always happy to share their dwelling with their friends and to provide a comfy couch for them.

Virgo: You will not be able to resist the style, beauty and atmosphere in Virgo's room. You will definitely want to stay there for a longer period, because the colors and furniture go so well together and please your eye. Unconventional furniture and saturated colors may be one of the options for Virgo. Rooms like Virgo's are usually pictured on the best pins on Pinterest.

Libra: When it comes to their homes, Libra people are very critical about the design. They want everything to be exactly as they wish. They are quite practical and minimalistic in decor, but they will thoroughly pick every detail. They are not such people to choose bright colors for the room, they need something calmer.

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Scorpio: Scorpios never listen to advices of others. They see no sense in consultation, when they know exactly what they need in their room. Also, their concept of “how they want” is pretty specific and most of people wouldn't do things like that. Their rooms are either decorated fully or not decorated at all.

Sagittarius: This sign's representatives believe that east or west home is best and treat their home like the best place in the world. They start to decorate their room with great responsibility and passion. They are keen on minimalistic designs and functional purpose to every thing in the house.

Capricorn: Capricorns don't like to get advices from people around. They can't rely on someone's taste for sure and would better do everything themselves. Changes are perceived negatively by Capricorns, so it is important that interior design is well-thought and practical. Every little thing has its own place in the house of Capricorn.

Aquarius: Their taste is just something great and beautiful. They are truly creative people, who can easily bring up something bright and sophisticated in their home, while people around would have to choose it for ages. It looks like they attract different creative and extraordinary details to their house.

Pisces: Their taste is amazing and very harmonious. They have inner feel of how things should be. The more space they have for decorating, the better they feel. Pisces are extremely enthusiastic when it comes to their place of living. If you need an advice on how to arrange things in your place – just ask Piscean for help.