Astrology and Gemstones

Probably, someone would find this weird, but making the choice for a gemstone is also of great importance in the world of astrology. Every sign of the Zodiac hierarchy has a definite gem that makes great difference in many aspects.

brilliantAries: this is a fiery sign and it has its own inner light that always desires to burn brighter. These identities are very had-nosed and wish to go on the edge of their capabilities and so, their gem is brilliant diamond. This gem greatly fits their energetic and unstoppable nature. What could be more acceptable?

Taurus: this is a very nature-loving sign. These folks adore beautiful things and green emerald perfectly suits their likings. Giving such a gift to any of Taurus, you would undoubtedly win his/her favor. A necklace would be the best one, as these folks are very sensitive with their neck.

Gemini: these identities are very dynamic, swift in their thinking and are at action all the time. Accordingly, crystal greatly fits this sign. It would be good to set the crystal in some jewelry that is worn on the hand, as hands mean a lot for these identities.

pearlCancer: these individualities are led by the Moon. Consequently, their perfect stones are the pearl and the moonstone. These individualities are very sensitive in the areas of stomach and breasts. Therefore, the gift with these stones to wear on those areas would be totally excellent.

Leo: another fiery sign is always about warmth and great radiance and there is no surprise that the ruby fits it. A perfect jewelry could be a pendant or brooch, as the area of heart is significant for these folks.

Virgo: these individualities adore fruits and the glowing nature. They like summer and the sun's glowing. Sardonyx is good for them. Different bracelets or rings are what they actually need and which would nicely suit them.

sapphireLibra: this sign belongs to the air and adores freedom. The best gem for it is sapphire. The individualities born under this very sign are utterly sensitive in the area of the neck and so, a necklace would be perfect with a sapphire in it. Earings and bracelets are also good for them, because these folks are fond of balance and harmony, which are represented by this or that wearing.

opalScorpio: it goes beyond all doubts that the most mysterious and secretive sign of the whole Zodiac wheel would prefer something unconventional. This is opal. A pendant with this precious stone would greatly fit and satisfy these folks. It would add charm and competence to these strange, but nice people.

Sagittarius: these identities are fond of independency and all sorts of entertainment. They shine, when having fun and the topaz fits them more than any other gem. It reveals their fiery nature and shows their inner sparkle. These identities are very common ones and any kind of incrustation will satisfy them.

amethystCapricorn: these very individualities are known for their high sensing of style and elegance. And what else could be more fitting under such conditions than the amethyst? The value of this gem is great, for it knows no time boundaries and would be in trend any time. Rings and earings with this gem would perfectly suit these folks.

AquamarineAquarius: this is one of the most unconventional signs of all the twelve. What else could you expect from it safe unusualness? Nevertheless, its main gem echoes with the name of the sign. It is the Aquamarine. It is of blue color and it totally reflects the color of all the waters. For uncommon sign is an uncommon jewelry - a bracelet for ankles.

Pisces: this very sign is associated with incredible imagination, which can be also compared with a vastness of the ocean. Its gem is the jade. It symbolizes with unending depths. Thus, this gem receives a capability to be represented in any form and this is actually perfect for Pisces who have a vivid and enormous imagination.

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