Cancer zodiac sign

Day:Monday, Thursday
Greatest Overall Compatibility:Scorpio, Pisces
Best for Marriage and Partnerships:Capricorn
Lucky Numbers:2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25


cancer sign

Date range: June 21 - July 22

Strengths: Retentive, outstanding imaginative, dedicated, emotional, feeling and soft, convincing.

Weaknesses: Changeable moods, pessimism, suspicion, non-confident, weak against manipulations.

Cancer likes: Arts, domestic affairs, relaxation and rest near water, aid for the beloved, nice pastime with friends.

Cancer dislikes: Unknown people, critics concerning mother, showing the inner feelings.

These identities are very intuitive and give much heed to sentiments. Among all signs, Cancer is the hardest to understand. They almost never reveal their inner feelings. Even when you think that you know everything, you may be badly wrong. They are over-sensitive and emotional, giving most of their strengths to family and domestic affairs. They are merciful and get addicted to the closest identities. This sign is utterly devoted. They are attentive listeners and fine counselors. They can live through your pain as if it is theirs and suffer with you.

The Moon leads this sign and different cycles of its energy make Cancer-identities utterly sensitive and emotionally unprotected. Oftentimes, they lack confidence in their childhood. Commonly, their moods rapidly alter. They may become selfish and are predisposed for different manipulations. They are great friends and they will eagerly reach out their helping hand, but these folks always avoid confrontations. However, they are very determined and would do whatever is needed to reach their goal, or at least would try all variants. They aren't ambitious and find happiness in the simplest things, which are common to others, but are utterly significant for them. These are family, harmony at home and good friends. They always try to treat everybody equally.


man, heart

These folks are utterly soulful and it is plain to draw a conclusion that personal relations are of uttermost significance for them. They are utterly caring and over-emotive. They constantly seek those identities, who will fully understand them and won't be pushy. They avoid overly ambitious partners and those who easily loses his/her temper.

In relations, they are totally devoted and trustworthy partners. They will do whatever is needed to satisfy the requirements of their second part to make him/her really happy. Marriage and kids are of tremendous importance for these identities.


friends, men

Cancer individualities are outstanding parents. They always place their family and domestic matters in the first place and will give out all the strength to secure stability at home. They are sentimental with traditions and gently keep memories. They adore parting their life experiences to family and friends. They eagerly help their friends, if those require aid. They strongly value friendship and like socializing, but commonly do that at home. These kind identities are very compassive, but at times, it is quite difficult to understand their behavior and reaction to different life situations.


man, money

These folks can be strongly permanent and sensual. If there is anything to do, they will not stop until the mission is accomplished. It is vital to know that they show better results, if they work in solitude. Therefore, if you need great productivity from them, give them breathing space and you may not worry about the best outcomes.

Commonly, they are good as nurses, politicians and journalists. They may lack confidence at times and so, they would do whatever is possible to reach safety and stability. For that, they will work hard to earn fine income. They slightly earn fine income, but may waste it quickly as well. They aren't wasteful identities and commonly spend money only for good reasons. They're tremendous investors. Safe good nose for finances, they can successfully manage time.


man symbol

Though it may amaze a lot of people, but in occasion with cancer-man, you'll ought to make the first step in almost all cases. The greatest fear of this type of men is rejection. They bitterly suffer from denial of all forms and particularly in this one.

This individuality is very complicated. He is sensual, shy and vindicative. In order of gaining his trust, you must do everything to make him feel secured and confident. This type of men is commonly attracted by the really womanlike females. Oftentimes, this type is searching for that woman who will completely fit the image of his perfect wife and mother.

Talking about the negative manifestations, one should mention abnormal pessimism, retentiveness and often mood alterations. Notwithstanding, he is utterly creative funny, spontaneous, open-handed, kind, dedicated and creative. The Cancer-man is overly emotional, who strongly requires love and care. That's why he always tries to give great love and care to his beloved.

Let him know that he is valued and required. Allow him feel that he is your defender, as he adores this role. He is all about emotions and has a need in care and kindness. You may say a few words about his nice appearances or what a gentle personality he is. Anyway, compliments will help you a lot. Nevertheless, remember that all compliments ought to be really honest. Into the bargain, this type is very expressive and he will be looking for a woman with outstanding expression. Try to produce that with your behavior. Be sure that if wining such man, you will be always loved and under great protection and safety.


woman symbol

The personality of this sign is quite complex at times. However, these folks strongly value family traditions and adore their nearest people. Cancer-woman would hardly fall in love at once. They require time, so get patient. In case, you obtain the trust, such woman will become very devoted and ardent. Emotions overwhelm her and she lacks self-assurance.

Though she is naturally shy, in bed, if the trust is reached, she will surprise you with energy and sexual drive. And so, winning her heart, you will receive a very worthy reward.

Mind that Cancer-woman always stands for serious and long-termed relationships. She won't begin brief relations for one or two nights. Consequently, you have a choice, either to switch over to another option, or to establish really lasting relations that can last to the end of your days. Be romantic, honest and susceptible, if you wish to win her heart. Feelings paly a very significant role. Be gentle with her and have patience.

You also have to be dedicated and respectful. If you betray at least once, she'll never forget that and probably, your relations will come to a quick end.

Compatible Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces