Jupiter Signs & Luck: Water Signs

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Jupiter in Cancer

Jupiter in Cancer representatives reap their luck when they are generous, kind, attentive to their feelings and try to accumulate their energy. They are very communicative and find their place among people. Sales and food are the areas for profitable work.

Jupiter in Water sign is a sign of strength and endurance. Your intuition is the best source of hints for you through the life, you always know what to do, no matter how many evidences you have for doing so. Unleash your fantasy and your intuition and let your life to reach a natural flow. You can manifest yourself by helping people, due to your great empathy.

The best period of the year starts when the Sun is in Cancer, and\or in any other Water signs like Pisces or Scorpio. Look at the table to learn when those periods are in the highest point.

Jupiter in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio people face the best situations in their life when they manifest willingness to work hard and clean, when they decide to start something new or create their own enterprise and use their creativity and inner strength, inspiring those around them.

Being a part of Water element, Scorpios are visionaries and creators. They easily magnetize fortune, when they act due to their inner feeling and follow their heart. They can manifest themselves by helping people in need.

The best time comes for you, when the Sun is in Jupiter and Scorpio, also when the Sun is in Water signs like Cancer and Pisces. Check the table to see the time of the year when these periods occur.

Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter in Pisces people are close to their happiness when they are kind, willing to help, talkative and have a positive disposition. They can express themselves through charity and generosity.

As Pisces is a Water sign, paired with Jupiter these people are highly motivated and inspirational. They are never calm, if they are without a work to do. They need to adhere to their intuition, as it is right most of the time and works for their profit and safety.

The most profitable period of the year starts when the Sun is in Pisces, and\or in any other Water signs like Scorpio or Cancer. Look at the table to learn when those periods are in the highest point.

Jupiter Signs & Luck

Jupiter, luck, zodiac

The place that Jupiter occupies in the birth chart (natal chart) shows how we convey our unselfishness and how broadminded we are. It helps us see how we move towards the enhancement of our living and to which extent we trust people and rely on the power of the universe.