Planets and Their Value

planets, orbit

The planets reveal the inflows of the energies and determine experience.

The astrologists put to use the manifestations of ten heavenly bodies due to their dimension, proximity and affection upon the Earth, and all the kingdoms of existence on it. They are put in order depending on their speed. This order is the next - the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The planet Jupiter and Venus are known to be beneficent ones. These promise incredible fortune and lesser luck appropriately. The manifestations of the Sun and Moon are of great importance as well. They interact with us daily and it is difficult to overate their significance.

Mercury, Neptune and Pluto symbolize neutralism. Their affection is good in a proper interaction with other heavenly bodies. Nevertheless, they can be malignant too.

You should know that the words "malignant", "adverse", "bad" and so on are used for a terminology that describes the manifestations of other planets closely.

Generally, all the signs and planets are good. If we experience any complications and misfortunes, they are caused by our bad reactions in accordance of our level of development. That is why we have to watch our reactions and behavior.

The strength of the influence upon our lives relies on the location of the planets. The farther they are from the sun, the slower they spin. Consequently, their affection is lower or comes within long period of time. They affect different aspects.

There are recognized inner and outer planets. To the inner ones belong - the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus, the ones that move at fast rate through the zodiac hierarchy. They affect our lives more frequently.

To outer belong - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune. They move slower and change from one to sixteen years only. They are responsible for greater parts of our life. Some of them determine even the entire generations.

All planets are connected with the signs of the zodiac hierarchy. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, Aries is led by Mars and so on. This all builds a strong and reliable influence upon our fortune, health and faith. If you are interested in all the interactions and connections of the heavenly bodies and signs, you should read and learn more about their indications and capabilities.

Sun planet, the Sun

This body reveals us the indications concerning the kernel of an identity, his/her inner happenings. It determines the main points of our behavior and reactions. It shows viability and confirmation of our self. It explains our general nature.

Equivalent: Leo
Dimension: 1'390'000 km.
Orbit: 149'600'000km
Time: 365.25 Days

Moon planet, the Moon

This body reflects our affections and inner state. It reveals how great our imagination is. All our basic feelings are shown and explained by the Moon. This planet depicts the sensing of time, rhythms, vibartions, adaptation to alterations, flexibility and pliability as well.

Equivalent: Cancer
Orbit: 384'000km
Time: 27.32 Days

Mercury planet, Mercury

This body is answerable for the sense of reasoning and logic. All rational actions have concerns with it. Everything we value, think over, improve, organize, learn, write and say is ordered by this very planet.

Equivalent: Gemini and Virgo
Orbit: 57'910'000 km
Time: 88 Days

Venus planet, Venus

This planet is responsible for beauty, arts, pleasure, entrainment, amusement, aesthetic aspects, feeling of harmony and balance, social enhancement, personal relationships and eroticism.

Equivalent: Libra and Taurus
Orbit: 108'200'000 km
Time: 225 Days

Mars planet, Mars

The "Red Planet" is known for its great drive. It gives us great heaps of energy, encourages us, gives braveness, and makes us more determined, spontaneous and impulsive. It depictsthe methodologies we use and how we react in all situations. It determines our aggressive behavior.

Equivalent: Aries
Orbit: 227'940'000 km
Time: 1,9 Years

Jupiter planet, Jupiter

This is a "personal" planet. It makes us go looking for the life purpose and meaning. It is responsible for reasoning, optimism and hope. It also makes us just, carries sense to live and heightens our spirits, making our life views broader.

Equivalent: Sagittarius
Orbit: 778'330'000 km
Time: 11,9 Years

Saturn planet, Saturn

This planet reveals how we manage with counteraction and which limitations we have. It determines the rules we follow and the moral aspects we stick to. It gives us concentration and endurance. It makes us cautious and reserved. With its help, we sense and live the actual reality.

Equivalent: Capricorn
Orbit from Sun: 1'429'400'000 km
Time: 29,5 Years

Uranus planet, Uranus

This body is answerable for intuitive skills, awakening of inspiration and illuminating the inner visions. It makes us open to the novel happenings, which are unconventional and unknown. It determines the grade of our obstinacy. It is also believed that it characterizes astrology itself.

Equivalent: Aquarius
Orbit: 2'870'990'000 km
Time: 84 Years

Neptune planet, Neptune

This heavenly body stands for everything unconventional, mysterious, and discrete. Within this planet, perception and deception go too close to each other and oftentimes, it is difficult to determine were the truth lies. It is a rather psychic planet and is somehow illusive for understanding. You have to be extremely careful while learning all its meanings.

Equivalent: Pisces
Orbit: 4'504'300'000 km
Time: 165 Years

Pluto planet, Pluto

This very planet depictsthe ways we manage different sorts of powers, no matter which their origin is. They can be privateor not. It determines how we are prepared for rapid alterations in our life and whether we are capable to deal with all of them. It can show, if we can undertake serious actions, which can change our life forever.

Equivalent: Scorpio
Orbit: 5'913'520'000 km
Time: 248 Years

Other astronomical objects

Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Chiron