planet, Neptune

This very planet requires actually a lot of time to accomplish its trip through the Zodiac system. It needs 168 years and lasts in every sign for 14 years.

Water is its element and it is naturally humid. Pisces follow it and it has great influence and value for Cancer. It is the analogue of vegetative system.

This is the brightest representative of the greatest dreamers, who possess tremendous imagination. It is a planet of physics and magicians. It also promotes addictions and illusions.

Temperament: rather lymphatic.

Characteristics: overly emotional, not active, primary or secondary. Formless and sloppy.

With the energies of this planet, everything gets under the cover of mystery, is illusive and slows down. It symbolizes the things of spiritual world that cannot be seen, but only felt. It has concerns with faith, religion, beliefs, inspiration and of course, imaginary world.

Identities that are under its dominance are commonly very friendly, open-handed, kind, a bit weird and secretive. They are not egoistic at all. They are probably the most sensuous identities among others.

These identities are utterly good in the matters of psychology and are very artistic. However, there take place rapid mood changes, lacks of patience. These folks are too naïve and oftentimes, they lose the connection with the real world.

This body predisposes the others to addiction, such as alcohol and drugs and may lead to suicide. It is the major factor for depressive states and nerve tensions.

In worldly life, it slows down all happenings and reactions, makes us weird and has deep connection with religion and the matters of spiritual world.

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