planet, Jupiter

This is the first of the slow-moving planets and simultaneously, it is the biggest body in our system. Its dimension in twelve times bigger than of our Earth. It requires almost 12 years to finish the errand in the system of zodiac - 11 years and 11 months. It visits each sign for almost a year.

Its element is Air and it makes this planet hot and moist. Sagittarius and Pisces are under its command. In addition, Neptune is their ruler, for its element is Air as well. In the occasion of Jupiter, this element shouldn't be confused with the elements of the signs that obey it, as those have different ones (fire and air accordingly).

This is a plenipotentiary of identities who possess power, who are wise and religious, these can be magistrates and priests and someone of the kind. Its age accounts approximately 55 - 58 years.

Temperament: sanguine.

Characteristics: emotive, active, primary. It is an extroverted choleric and is action-oriented.

This is a symbol of warmth, good fortune, self-assurance and fertility. It explains how we can gain good fortune and how to release our enthusiasm. It sets all of our mainstreams that tell us to start acting and rejoicing our lives.

Due to the greatest size amongst other heavenly bodies, this planet is related with wealth, glory, honor and achieving success. Nevertheless, it can be treacherous at times. It has a power of exaggeration and oftentimes, it promises more than you actually can reach. Therefore, you must be cautious with its powers and indications and you shouldn't trust them totally.

Being in dominance, this planet gives generosity, fills our hearts with enthusiasm and instigates us to go out. It determines our charisma and commonly has great love for children.

It is a plenipotentiary of identities of protection and aid. The advocates and politicians must be included too, as they are very authoritative.

This planet refers to the identities of the middle age that are close to the retirement and will soon enjoy a well-deserved rest thanks to their hard and long labors. It's time for a rest, blossoming and devotion to your own needs, when you will be in the middle of all happenings that are connected with spending time with pleasure. The owners of the chart are commonly very confident in their actions.

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