planet, Pluto

This is the slowest planet out of all. It needs 254 years to journey through the Zodiac hierarchy and it spends from 12 to 30 years in the signs.

It has uncertain element and is burning by nature,which is similar to lava. It masters Scorpio and has manifestations in Pisces. It is the analogue of the sexual and excretory functions.

It is a representative of dictators and sadists. There is much of violence in it. It has concerns with identities who possess incredible power and some mystery.

Temperament: rather choleric.

Characteristics: emotive or non-emotive, active, primary. It is ardent and choleric.

Pluto is situated in the most remote place from the Sun. Its energies and indications are covered with great mysteries, for it involves different studies of the occult and matters of death and afterlife. It makes us listen to inner voices and encourages delving deeper in ourselves.

It promotes unexpected upheavals and you cannot hide from them. After it accomplishes its transit, you will be totally changed. The results for you will be either good or bad. Everything depends on your behavior while it lasts. It is answerable for instincts, obsessions and sexual potential.

The identities ruled by this planet are somehow secrete and mysterious. It is difficult to figure their true nature. They attract other folks with their mystery and enormous amounts of energy and power. They constantly learn the matters concerning themselves. It may make us aggressive and reserved.

In everyday life, it promotes sudden alterations and difficulties. There may be occur financial problems and other troubles with wealth.

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