The Sun

planet, the Sun

It advances nearly a year through Zodiac hierarchy. It lasts 30 days in every sign. Every sign has 30 degrees. It is responsible for 1 degree per day. It's not a retrograde, just like the Moon. These two heavenly bodies never move back. They always go forward and are on a constant and fast move.

Distance from Earth: 150 millions km.
Mass: 334 000 times the Earth's.

Its element is Fire and accordingly, it is hot and dry.It is a ruler of Leo and is manifested in many actions of Aries. It is commonly referred to the heart.

It's a representative of the father, husband and pacesetter. Its age lasts 20-40 years.

Temperament: iracund.

Characteristics: soulful, subordinate, stirring,impassioned.

This body is individual and makes all Leos egoistic. It has mighty powers and tremendous affection, which can be noticed in other signs in this or that aspect. It is the greatest aspirator.

It depicts the men side of our nature. It reveals and determines the behavior of the father and all men in general. It also explains how to deal with the male side in every relations, no matter what sex you are. Nevertheless, it is obvious that it has more importance and value for men. It is answerable for positive alterations and values.

The matter-of-factly, this body represents caloricand glow. This is life itself in all its bright prospects. It enhances our dedications, braveness, honor, generosity, as well as pride, egoism andhastiness.

If discussing the value of the Sun in women's chart, it is a symbol of the women's father and husband. It is quite active, reveals, and determines the ideal man for a woman.

This sing is constantly advancing and symbolizes our youth. The young period of our life, when we are full of ambitions and great beliefs in bright future.

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