The Moon

planet, the Moon

The Moon is the fastest amongst all planets and other bodies. It takes about 28 days to complete the errand around all the signs. It makes brief visits to each sign and remains there from two to half days only. It involves about 12 degrees every day.

Distance from Earth: 384 000 km.
Mass: over 1000th of the Earth's.

Its element is Water and so, it is naturally cold and moist. It has leadership of Cancer and is plainly seen in multiple actions of Taurus. It is referred to the stomach.

It is a representative of the mother, wife and the multitude. According to different authors, it involves the period from the birth to childhood until virility.

Temperament: phlegmatic.

Characteristics: emotional, non-active, ultimate. It is agitated, excited or formless.

It is a full addition of the Sun, for it is answerable for virile and the Moon for feminine. It is all about sensuousness, unconscious reactions, deep and strong emotions and is noticeable in every chart. It dwells in each chart as well.

This a representative of fruitfulness, effeminacy, incredible imagination. It also represents memory. Good or bad, it depends on what it receives. It expresses all the women indications and manifestations and its degree differs for every sign.

When talking about the men chart, it also represents sensuality. Nevertheless, it may be not so essential, for it is repressed. It has deep concerns with men image of mother and afterwards a perfect wife. It means a lot for home and family.

This sign is associated with dreaming, imaginations, unconsciousness, subjective judgment, alterations of mood, sensuality, nostalgia for the past. However, it involves laziness and caprices. It is utterly significant for children. The children always heavily depend on their mothers, because their primary instincts are not formed completely and they have to learn how to master them with mother's help.

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