planet, Mercury

The whole trip through all the signs takes nearly 88 days. Its motion for every degree of the signs in the same as the Sun's - 1 degree per day. This planet stands pretty close to the Sun and never strides further than 28 degrees from it.

Earth is its element and consequently, its nature is cold and dry. It is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. It is called arms, hands and nerve system of human.

It is a representative of solicitors, traders and messengers. It involves from 12 to 18 years.

Temperament: nervous.

Characteristics: thrilling, non-active, primary. He is agitated and excited, or nervous and resilient.

This planet matters a lot for our development. It involves learning all kinds of things, determines how we enhance intellectually, how we progress and cope with the matters of intellect. It also determines our communicative abilities. It carries us important life messages, which we are to recognize and listen to.

This very planet is responsible for our nerve state and shows how clever we are. It can also make us scatter-minded, dishonest and insensible. It makes us act reasonably listening to what our intellect says, but not our emotions.

This planet has no gender. It is neutral, which has its own bonuses. It is a servant, some kind of supplement of the Sun, adding greater power to the will and making us more self-assured. It may represent companions, siblings and other identities on behalf of intellectual relations.

It makes greater sense and has more significance when we are reaching adolescence. This is time, when we become curious about all the reasonable issues, start studying, developing our personality on a novice level and create novice relationships.

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