planet, Uranus

To make the entire cycle in the Zodiac hierarchy, this planet needs 84 years. It spends nearly 7 years in every sign.

Its element is Fire and this makes itnaturally dry. Aquarius obey it and it has deep concerns with Scorpio. It is an analogue to the cerebrum and the nerves.

It is a representative of extraordinary identities, who are revolutionaries, inventors, innovators and also mentally sick.

Temperament: overly nervous.

Characteristics: emotive, active, secondary. It is ardent.

Uranus reigns enormous and brutal energies. It induces unexpected alterations, involves novel happenings and identities in your life, starts revolutions and so on. It symbolizes toughness, insensitivity, independency and imbecility. It is brief and harsh and oftentimes, it hugely lacks patience.

Its energies are referred to wobblers, identities of great indecency, who always reach out for idealism, are unconventional in their behavior and habits, and wish to provide innovations. Nevertheless, it is frequently non-patient, overly intensive, lacks human warmth and likes creating paradoxes, because of great desire to serve and aid the others and society in general. Its energies ought to be mastered and controlled or they may lead to misfortunes.

It is the very first association with modernity, innovative and advanced technologies and means of communication. It involves a generation and several of them. Notwithstanding, its movement is slow and so, it has general influence on many identities, but it is not individual.

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