planet, Mars

This is a small planet with great amounts of energy. Its trip through each sign takes a year and 220 days. It devotes nearly 8 months for each sign. Nevertheless, sometimes it may remain for a briefer period (5-6 months), under definite circumstances. It takes half a degree each day.

Its element is Fire and it makes this planet hot and dry. It's a ruler of Aries and it has strong connections with Capricorn. It is an alternative of the muscles and the spleen.

The Red Planet presents military forces, sportsmen, blacksmiths, soldiers and surgeons and so on. It involves the period from 42 to 52 years.

Temperament: choleric.

Characteristics: soulful, dynamic, primary.

This planet determines our actions. It fuels us with enormous heaps of energy and makes us overly active and at times, too aggressive. It reveals our braveness, readiness for action and violence. It heightens our enterprising nature, calls for action, as well as makes us messy and hotheaded. You ought to be careful with its impact.

Its energies greatly aid us in overcoming different issues. It also gives us power to combat in every matter, particularly in sports. It also determines sexual drive and desires.

Venus is its opposite planet and in woman's chart it takes the place of a lover and that type of a man whom a woman desires and would like to start love relations with.

This planet has a man nature. Notwithstanding, its nature is not overly idealistic and is more dynamic and sexually developed.

This planet is referred to the age of 40th and 50th, when men reach their full maturity. This is the last stage during which they confirm the professional development and the heights they wish to reach. It gives a plain understanding that nothing would be gained without pains.

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