planet, Saturn

This planet requires 29 year to get through the entire Zodiac hierarchy and visits every sign about two and a half of years.

Its element is Earth and consequently, it makes this planet cold and dry.Capricorn and Aquarius go under its leadership. It has obvious manifestations in Libra as well. This an analogue to the skeleton and the skin.

It personalizes wise men, grandparents, scholars and people that work with their brains. This is a rather intellectual planet. Its age involves the age of 70 and sometimes earlier. Everything depends on health of the identities.

Temperament: nervous.

Characteristics: non-emotional, active, secondary. It is phlegmatic, maudlin or apathetical.

This is the opposite of Jupiter and is the symbol of borders and limitations. It involves time and its irreconcilable principle. It has connection with firmness, discipline and restrictions.

It teaches us lessons and shows how to overcome all the hardships. It slows down the things, makes us be more cautious, concentrated and make great efforts without which we will not reach our life-aims. This planet is tough and has no room for sympathy. It has deep connection with the matters of our intellect and helps us to advance individually. It makes us responsible as well. With its assistance, we become mature, realize our ambitions and develop our wisdom.

Being in dominance, this body makes us more secrete, turning us into introverts, telling to remain some time in solitude, silence and to simply observe what will come next. It heightens our ambitions. Don't think that this planet lacks emotions. It gives us pride and makes ardent. Thanks to its powers and energies, it desires to make us stronger, hiding all the weak points. At times, it may make us egoistic, rough and harsh.

This planet has concerns with the elderly, those who possess great wisdom and are capable to overcome hardships by giving the needed advices. These may be priests and others.

As this is a symbol of old age, there is little interest in material possessions. It's the high time to devote your life to home and yourself.

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