planet, Venus

The approximate cycle of this planet is 225 days. This planet is bigger than Mercury is. Nevertheless, it covers only 1 degree per day as well. It is also stands closely to the Sun. The longest distance between these two bodies reaches 48 degrees. However, it is further than by Mercury.

Its element is Air and so, it is moist. Taurus and Libra are under its leaderships, and it has obvious influences upon Pisces. It is the analogue of the kidneys, the nerve system,the neck.

It is a prominent representative of artists, sellers and has deep concerns with the matters of beauty and allurement. Its age is from 18 to 25 years.

Temperament: buoyant and plodder.

Characteristics: soulful, non-stirring, ultimate, or soulful, notstirring, subordinate.

This bodyis a representative of aesthetic matters, as well as the matters of love and pure beauty. Undoubtedly, it determines our private relations and makes us romantic. It perfects our life, making it more pleasant, easing all the troubles. It's about spending time with fun and happiness.

This very planet rules gentleness, accommodation, allurement, enchantment, conscious behavior and nice appearances. It has strong connections with all sorts of artistry (music, acting, painting, dancing and so on). Its gender is female. However, it offers greater and more sensual pleasures of life. It concretes the way of receiving them and not giving. Nevertheless, it has negative prospects too. It may make us indolent, greedy, obsessed with possessions and too sensuous.

For man's chart, this planet creates the perfect picture of the most attractive woman. She symbolizes everything a man desires to find in his woman and relations with her.

It begins its influence when our feelings get ripe. Time when we become interested in the opposite sex is the time of the ruling of Venus.

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