Asteroids, Nodes, Lilith, Arabian Parts, Hypothetical...

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It is beyond all doubts that the ten common planets are the ruling ones and their indications are very essential. Nevertheless, the other bodies of smaller size add their value as well. Some of them don't bring some great sense, the others are pretty fruitful. There are four asteroids, the Lunar Nodes, Lilith and the Part of Fortune that are widely used. Here below will be given brief descriptions of them and some other bodies, excluding their value and manifestations.

Ceres is the largest of four most used asteroids. It is referred to a goddess of grain and harvest. This is a symbol of physical frame and fruitfulness. In ancient times, it was the symbol of motherhood. It had less emotional indications than the Moon, but its physical indications were greater. This body rules Virgo. The signs of its leadership can also be noticed in Gemini, and in prejudice in Pisces and Sagittarius.

Pallas is a commonly used body as well. It is answerable for the matters of intellect, abstractive capabilities and in synthesis of the gifts, we have. It reveals our talents and is utterly vital in the world of politics.

Juno is referred to capability to regulate the relations with the spouse. It also has concerns with protection of the rights. It is used for the interpretation of the marriage matters.

Vesta in not used as frequently as the first three bodies. It has concerns with your own self and adds effectuality to it.

Chiron is widely used by all astrological institutions. Many astrologists think that it is a mediator of Saturn and the outer planets. Accordingly, it has a great part of this great planet and is under the affection of Uranus. It is associated with knowledge, wisdom, sufferance and the capability to exempt and ease the sufferings of other identities. It can greatly "heal" our broken souls and overcome different complications and hurts that we may receive.