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Sagittarius is in charge of the liver, kidneys and lower body parts.

Health picture: It is indispensable for Sagittarius to keep their body in good shape and be fit. Their body feels great in motion and sports and starts to protest and destruct when it doesn't get enough workout. Sagittariuses tend to gain weight as well as they gain years. For women representatives of this sign it is usual to have heavier lower parts like thighs or hips. They are prone to have problems in hips areas, accompanied by arthritis and pains in hips.

Jupiter is a planet that governs Sagittarius and influences our liver and hypophysis. Sagittarius' liver is an all-times sufferer from the unhealthy lifestyle and alcohol. So this sign is prone to have hepatitis.

Sagittarius's biological cell salt is silica. It works to improve the quality of brain work by transmitting brain commands to the organs and regulating blood pressure.

Eating tips: Silica is very important for a healthy and shiny look of a person. Its lack causes hair loss and waning, bad nails, tired look and feel. He most rich in silica foods include all fresh fruits and veggies, greenery, all kinds of berries, apples, melons, oats, wheat, basmati and brown rice, granola and cereals. Sagittarius should get enough proteins from steamed poultry, fresh vegetables, seafood, especially salmon, eggs, avocados, green sprouts and seaweed. Don't forget about usage of dairy and steamed vegetables. Try to experiment with rice. Drink clean water, not coffee or juices, but water, to keep your digestive system active and organism hydrated.

Avoid: It is better to refuse from gravies, hot sauces and really fat or junk food. Eat more vegetables and poultry and you'll see how fast your organism can restore itself. Say no to liquors, they really damage your liver, which heals very slowly.

Health & Diet

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Every astrological chart depicts the way person looks and reflects his or her health image. Astrology also can introduce certain recommendations on how to work in order to reduce or prevent possible health problems and how to cope with already available ones.

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