The Significance of the Houses in Astrology


If you have given heed to your birth chart, than you surely wanted to know what the word "house" means in the astrology terminology. These "houses" play their significant parts in our development and each has its meaning and destination. They all are vital separately and together. In order to understand your own identity, you should know what each of these "houses" represents, particularly in your chart.

The House Systems

The birth chart is divided into 12 "houses" that represent the sky in your birth time. The sky is also divided into 12 areas and these areas are answerable for your character, behavior, thinking, mental development and so on. They can give answers to many questions of what our identity is. Depending on the house system that is used, it is possible to clarify how these houses are defined. There exist three schools of house system - the Equal house, Placidus and Koch systems. What is vital to remember, is that the last two systems are not equal. Though there exist three different house systems, the meaning and value of each house remains the same.

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Fist House - House of Self

The First House shows where the horizon was when you were born. The sign on the spike of this House is associated with your "Rising Sign" or else called "Ascendant". In this House there will be found physical appearances and first impressions. Folks that meet you for the first time would have the characteristics of the sign of the First House.

Second House - House of Wealth

The Second House rules all possessions, material goods and wealth in general. This house displays how you deal with your money, manage all costs and what makes you confident and safe.


Third House - House of Siblings, Communication, and Trips

The Third House shows how you interact with most dear and close to you people - relatives, friends, neighbors and other ones. It also displays your courage, how you face troubles and misfortunes, and how you manage your short trips and journeys.

Fourth House - House of Mother (or Father) and Pleasures

This House shows much of your past - you childhood, life at home and relations with your mother. The Fourth House reveals the house where you were brought up and the house where you dream to live in.

Fifth House - House of Parenthood and Romance

The Fifth House means everything that concerns children. Here reigns love in personal relations, thirst for games, hobbies and interests and talent for artistry.


Sixth House - House Health and Disease

Here meet each other different diseases and sicknesses with health and nutrition. In the Sixth House also reign jealousy and grudge.

Seventh House - House of Marriage and Partnerships

The Seventh House is contradictive in its dislocation to the First one. On its spike is the sign of the "Descendant" and it reveals how we answer to other identities. This House also governs business and romantic fellowships.


Eighth House - House of Accidents and Death

Regardless of the name "Death" for this House, its meaning is not so direct as it might have seemed at first. It is associated rather with unhealthy relations or career choices, which lead to a mournful end. The Eights House is also referred to various changes, inheritance and interests in all secret and hidden.

Ninth House - House of Fate and Fortune

The Ninth House concerns spiritual and religious matters. Here are far travels as well. This House rules deep philosophy, fate, destiny and luck.

Tenth House - House of Careers and Professions

In occasion you are searching for the clue to your career life, you should go seeking it in the Tenth House. It is filled with political life and power, governing and prestige.


Eleventh House - House of Income and Gains

The Eleventh House breathes with wealth, fine income and prosperity. Here you would find humane aspiration, as well as friends and defenders.

Twelfth House - House of Secrets and Losses

The Twelfth House is known for its great secrets and deep and sensual affection. It is also known for great immolation and dedication. Pain, grief, deception and areas of restriction are found in this House.

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