Minor Aspects in Astrology

minor aspects

Semi-sextile 30°

The circle divided by 12 is called semi-sextile aspect. It is really soft, almost insensible and may not matter at all. Some professionals believe it to be quite profitable, bit due to the fact that it is mixed with different elements it could have some unpleasant manifestations, bringing small inconveniences into life. Semi-sextile aspect may be interpreted only with regards to other elements in the chart, never separately. It is usually bounded to the other chart elements and is a component of the whole picture from other aspect.

Semi-square 45°

The circle divided by 8 refers to semi-square aspect. It has features of the square aspect, but they are manifested not so brightly. The semi-square aspect is quite opposing and brings doubt to the soul, renewing internal conflicts and confusing in the flow of life.

Sesqui-quadrate 135 °

Sesquisquare is a 3/8 of a circle - 135°, it is like a bit more than a square. It is very much alike to a semi-square, but it tends to create problems of more serious level, and not an internal conflict in a person, but the difficulties with surrounding world.

Quincunx/Inconjunct 150°

Quincunx is 5/12 of the circle and is placed between 5 signs. This aspect is a sign of instant changes, which are not definitely negative, but undesirable for sure, providing inconvenience and nervous states. This aspect can affect health conditions. Also, it brings forced and unwilling consequences.

Quintile 72°

The circle divided by 5 provides a quintile aspect, which is 72°. It is an aspect of skills and ideas, very profitable and original. It causes very interesting state of mind, creative and intelligent people, with profound thinking and high morals. It is generally believed to be pretty profitable. There is also a biquintile - 144° which has same characteristics.

With all the knowledge that you have now, you can try to interpret your data in the chart. You can choose for start a chart of your friend or a family member, simply because we are apt to have unclear view on ourselves, and it can distort our opinion about the astrology and its readings. When you analyze your close friend, whom you know good, it is easier to have a clear view on it and to practice your skills, searching the points of power and weakness in charts of other people.

Reading Natal Chart

book, natal chart

Your native chart chart reveals the location of the heavenly bodies when were born and their location defines your future character, habits, gifts and faith.

Major Aspects in Astrology

major aspects

Read useful information about major aspects. For example, Conjunction aspect is very active and dynamic. Square - it is an aspect of limitations and breakthroughs. Trine - is one of the most favorable aspects. Opposition aspect is represented by total polarity and contrast I opinions with others in many important situations through life.