Sagittarius Compatibility

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Sagittarius is a sign that can be interpreted in two ways. We associate centaur - half man and half horse - with Sagittarius. This sign has characteristics of both these parts. Being optimistic and cheerful, they are often fidgets, can't stay at one place for a long time. Such people love active time spending, extreme sports, because they feel alive in motion, in continuous movement. They are explorers and collectors of amazing events in life. Another great feature possessed by Sagittarius is their ability to restore faith in humanity no matter what happens. They have this strange ability to love humanity despite the hardships they've gone through. Sagittarius is probably the most positive and viable person among other Zodiac signs.

However, they have some drawbacks as well. For example they usually lack of tact, because they are so involved into conversation or discussion that forget about all the borders. Sagittarius are very energetic, but they can't stand still on the one project for a long time, unless the projects develop fast enough to keep their attention focused. Their attention is easily distracted, they call it multitasking, but in reality it is simple inability to concentrate and do first things first. Speaking about compatibility, Sagittarius feel the best when they are close to their neighbor fire signs, because they are pretty similar in views.

Best Matches for Sagittarius

Sagittarius + Aries: The nature of Aries and Sagittarius is pretty the same: they are active, passionate, with good sense of humor; they both share quite active social life and feel comfortable among people. The combination like this is usually full of fun, motion and support. Both have such special optimism that helps them go through life no matter they are together or apart. It is a relationship's type that is very firm and lasting.

Sagittarius + Aquarius: These signs are explorers by their nature, as they are full of energy and curiosity to life. They have a lot of peculiarities in common, which is a great basis for long-lasting relationships. Aquarius and Sagittarius are promised to have amazing se life together, as both are ready for something new and care for the pleasure of each other. It is a combination of two very interesting people that will create lots of deep and thoughtful conversations, they have vivid imagination and strive for change and innovation.

Sagittarius + Leo: These signs also share a lot of things in common, especially when it comes to attitude to life and relationships. They are freedom-loving, passionate and both can't stand routine in relationships. This union will be a never-ending source of inspiration and pleasure for them, which makes such bond harmonious. Life from their point of view should consist of pleasure and entertainment, and they will readily provide it for each other. This union would be great in bed, as they have passion and curiosity in every part of each other. They serve as an instant motivation and stimuli for each other.

Sagittarius + Libra: Charismatic Libra and hot Sagittarius have to be assured that together they will not be bored. Sagittarius constantly needs adventures, events and travelling. In its turn, active and curious Libra is always ready to support these Sagittarius' interests and requirements. Libra has inquiring mind and constantly needs to “feed” it. Intellectual level of Sagittarius lets it make the life of Libra full, variegated and interesting. The only difficulty which may appear is the discrepancy of Sagittarius's independence love and Libra's necessity in reliable partner. But, they may easily come to agreement in this question.

Worst Matches for Sagittarius

Sagittarius + Taurus: Sagittarius and Taurus are very different in their nature. Taurus being a home-lover and Sagittarius - an adventure-seeker will have too much misunderstanding, clashing all the time because of different views on how relationships should look like. Unfortunately, they are unable to value the advantages of each other properly, because disadvantages show up too often. Sagittarius will not appreciate the desire to build and organize the house, when there are so many exciting things around. Taurus' strive to be safe and sound will be neglected by the desire of Sagittarius to explore the world and escape from routine.

Sagittarius + Capricorn: Capricorn will be too pragmatic and conservative for active and sociable Sagittarius. Sagittarius will make Capricorn feel like they are under weight of all the responsibilities, while Sagittarius feel like they are in golden cage. Capricorn has a strong dedication to traditions and norms, and it has nothing to do with Sagittarius' vision of life. Sagittarius with its striving for moving and hate to routine can make Capricorns feel uncomfortable, without proper security level. Such relationships will essentially lack of balance.

Sagittarius + Virgo: These signs are a real challenge. They are almost impossible to co-exist in each other's company. Virgo need discipline predictability and stability, while Sagittarius seeks for something interesting, extraordinary and amazing in life. Their approaches are simply contrastive. Virgo tends to blame everyone but themselves in failures, Sagittarius will not tolerate something like this. Such relationships are full of irritation, arguing, and lack of commitment. Partners can't fully appreciate the person right beside them, nor try to understand another position.

Sagittarius + Cancer: Commonly, individualities born under these two signs are not really interested in one another and such unions happen rarely. Under condition, there is love and strong affection amongst them, such union would become utterly successful. Each side would only benefit from it. Commonly, when deep connection and mutual understanding are reached, both partners remain happy until the end of the days and none wishes to split the relationship. Nevertheless, only really strong support for one another can make this union durable and beneficial. Cancer can easily reach the bottom of the inner world of the partner, helping to open soul. Sagittarius widens the horizons of the partner, who conventionally hides from the world and is reluctant to undergo changes. Powerful feelings for each other can make miracles and both sides would be very happy.

Sagittarius + Scorpio: The most essential point of this relationship is in the very beginning. Both sides have to show and feel the first excitement, which would make their future stable and happy. The first impression is of great importance. They don't know all trails of one another, everything is novice and amazes in the best way. In Scorpio's eyes, his or her partner would be an incredible light, which would make life much better and happier. Sagittarius would see multiple perspectives and novel things to learn, because every Scorpio possesses intriguing and mysterious soul. There is a possibility that within some time they would lose mutual interest. Of course, there is a risk that the end would be bitter. Nonetheless, such opportunity must not be missed. Both should definitely try to be together for exciting feelings and pleasant moments of life.

Sagittarius + Pisces: Sagittarius is too active, energetic and loves to spread the energy on everyone around, not only on Pisces, who wants to feel one and needed in relationships. Pisces' need for safety comfort and true feeling will never be satisfied just because these signs differ in the very nature. Sagittarius is afraid to lose him\herself in a partner, and dilution in a partner is what Pisces want and what they do. Sagittarius is direct and honest in feelings and things, there is no sense of tact that is so appreciated by Pisces. Pisces would want to spend some time at cozy home, while Sagittarius would prefer great party or friendly circle.

Wild Cards for Sagittarius

Sagittarius + Sagittarius: Two Sagittarius together from the one hand is a joyful and active mix. Their life path is going to be adventurous and exciting. Their sex life will be full of understanding of what the partner needs and how. However, their relationships can really lack of control and calmness sometimes, nobody will direct them and everything may become a little bit chaotic. Also, there is a great risk that both of them will have a moment of desire to escape from mutual responsibilities.

Sagittarius + Gemini: Both of these signs are quite simple and "light" people. They are careless and joyful, and support each other when ideas are fun and interesting. They have similar hobbies and same intellectual level as well as views on life that motivates their deep and interesting discussions. But, in Gemini and Sagittarius such features like stability, sincerity and reliability are absent, which can lead such relationships to the point of no return.

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