Taurus Compatibility

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Taurus is personified by powerful, strong bull, which determines the main traits of Taurus' character. People born under this sign are headstrong. They love to be secure. Taurus likes to be surrounded by peace and beauty. People of this sign are hard-working persons. They are exceptionally sensual personalities. They like good and qualified things in all spheres of life, from food to art. Harmony in soul and in life is extremely important for Taurus. It makes all possible to maintain balance and peace in all aspects of life.

But Taurus has the other side of character. If Taurus is disturbed or suffers of something, it may become rambunctious and temperamental. These people need time to start some project; it is peculiarity of their energy flows and their character. Taurus natives are very hard-working people. They are able to withstand a significant volume of work and put up with different circumstances. As for love match, earth signs are the best for Taurus. Water signs are good for Taurus too due to the same energy type. Let's consider the best and the worst matches for this zodiacal sign.

Best Matches for Taurus

Taurus + Cancer: Taurus, as well as Cancer, wishes for serious long-lasting relationships and are ready to work at it. Security is an important aspect in life for both these zodiacal signs. They feel a high need to be secure. The other thing which units these signs is necessity of comfort. Taurus and Cancer natives are very sensitive persons. Common needs and ability to listen and to understand makes relationships between Taurus and Cancer perfect.

Taurus + Capricorn: These two zodiacal signs are joined up by the great need of security as well. Taurus feels very comfortable and safe near Capricorn, whose aim is making money and success. Combination of these traits and needs originates the stability in such relationships. As well Taurus's passion and sensuousness is in perfect balance with Capricorns' romanticism. A longstanding stable relationship is what both partners of this pair want.

Taurus + Pisces: There are many things which unit Taurus and Pisces. Beauty and peace are among the basic needs of these signs. It is always pleasant for them to spend time together as they have many common interests, for example, music and fine art are among them. They see beauty everywhere. It seems that they see the world in the same way. There are several things which differenceTaurus of Pisces, but these distinctions help and support each partner. Stability of Taurus makes faraway Pisces more stable. At the same time fantasy of Pisces enriches the inner world of Taurus.

Taurus + Virgo: Both signs are quite inward-oriented people and they try not to leave the house without a solid reason. They usually prefer to spend a good evening at home over the noisy party. Virgo is a good partner to Taurus, because Taurus' love to home and stability matches with Virgos love to details and arranging of everything. This love partnership is very harmonious and mates know how to please and support each other, and they have similar goals and life views.

Worst Matches for Taurus

Taurus + Aquarius: Aquarius's approach to life is negligent and too easy. Such position reflects in all spheres of life including relationships. It hurts delicate Taurus. Taurus cannot accept such thoughtless relation to the most important things in life. The other distinction is the traditional vector of Taurus' life and innovative vector of Aquarius' way of life. These two signs may be compared with black and white colors (absolutely opposite) in numerous aspects.

Taurus + Gemini: The difference in energy flows of Taurus and Gemini makes such match almost impossible. Alive and active Gemini is not able to understand sluggish Taurus. Very often Taurus considers that Gemini is hyper flighty. And very often Gemini considers that Taurus is lazy and passive. Stability need of Taurus is difficult to get on with changeability of Gemini. Taurus + Gemini relationships stop sooner or later as there are too many incompatible things between them.

Taurus + Sagittarius: In spite of all distinctions between needs and approaches of these two signs, Taurus and Sagittarius are rather compatible in sexual sphere. But, unfortunately it is not enough for long-lasting relationships. They do not notice advantages of their partner. Taurus's wish to create a nest for their pair will not be valuably for Sagittarius. The persistent need of Sagittarius for new experience and change will exasperate Taurus. Dedication to tradition of Taurus is not compatible with Sagittarius's wish of adventure. Most likely, the attempt to build relationships Taurus + Sagittarius will not be successful.

Taurus + Aries: Temperament of Aries and Taurus is very different. It is very difficult for calm and slow Taurus to be together with active and enthusiastic Aries and, vice versa, it is boring for dynamic and excited Aries to be together with quiet and sluggish Taurus. Aries likes to go out and discover something, but Taurus is homebody. One more serious difficulty is money strategy. Taurus earns and keeps money being very thrifty, but Aries cannot understand this trait and consider it like disadvantage because Aries used to spend everything he/she earns. Thus there is too serious difference between life approaches of these two zodiacal signs. Usually such relationships are very short.

Taurus + Leo: Leo constantly needs to be admired, but Taurus doesn't have ability and wish to show such feelings. At the same time Leo cannot devote itself to Taurus totally as it is not natural for Leo. As Leo and Taurus require different ways of feelings demonstration it is difficult for them to understand what partner feels. Money matters are problematic for them too. Taurus used to think about future and keeps money for something important. Leo used to spend money for pleasure and lives happy every day spending them easily. Both these zodiacal signs don't tend to compromise. That is why harmonic relationship Leo + Taurus is just a dream.

Taurus + Libra: Interests of Libra and Taurus coincide. They like delicate things, fine art, music and so on. At first sight Libra + Taurus is perfect pair. But common interests are not enough for successful relationship. Taurus is thorough person, it always makes plan for life, for several years, for several months, for a week. But Libra considers this trait boring and suffocating. Libra doesn't like to think about serious things. Impermanence of Libra is like a red rag to a bull for Taurus. Libra and Taurus need patience to build relationship, but neither Libra nor Taurus has it.

Wild Cards for Taurus

Taurus + Taurus: Such relationships may be comfortable and easy as well as difficult and boring. The positive side of such match is common wish to build secure atmosphere, to earn money for good life, to have serious relationships. But the negative side of this union is that everything is too serious. There is a lack of romanticism and joy in this pair. This relationship may be comfortable and long-lasting if both partners try to bring excitement and “fresh air” into communication. So, the problem is not a problem if both know about it and try to fix it.

Taurus + Scorpio: This union will not have easy and unshadowed relationship, but there is a chance for Taurus and Scorpio because they may give each other important things. Scorpio is able to add passion and novelty into measured life of Taurus. And in return, Taurus may add stability and some balance into excited and emotional life of Scorpio. The thing, which may be the barrier in communication, is confidence of both Taurus and Scorpio in in their rightness if the situation is disputable. It's not easy for them to accept the other opinion.

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