Taurus + Scorpio

These two are quite different, but it makes this match nearly perfect. These signs possess passion, attraction and challenge. The feelings that result out of it are genuine and profound. Scorpio attracts Taurus with secrecy and rational approach to everything. This little part of cynicism that is present in Scorpio surprises and excites Taurus. Scorpio has complicated character, often protective and reclusive. However, Taurus gravitated by Scorpio’s charm knows how to behave in such situations. Taurus is very patient by its nature, so the development of relationships with Scorpio will not be something complicated for Taurus.

If Scorpio chooses a partner, he or she sticks to the one and can hardly let go. The same is for Taurus, who is very stable in partners and romantic relationships. Scorpio helps Taurus develop inner feeling and deeper understanding of the world around, while Taurus helps Scorpio relieve tension, open to the world and use imagination. Together they almost create the world for two of them.

They develop and complement each other in a very strange way. Two other signs would be uncomfortable together, but these two have an odd bound between them. They like to be different, as they are never bored with each other. Sometimes their relationships get sharper due to their differences, but Scorpio’s determination and Taurus’ patience resolve the conflict.

Both partners are loyal, but once in a while both of them need to maintain the boundaries of their private territory, and it is important for both of them.

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