Leo Compatibility

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Leo is courageous and it likes attention much. The animal which represents this zodiacal sign is lion. Lion is considered to be a king of beasts. Leo has traits which coincide with the sublimity of this animal. Leo natives are regal personalities. They are very artistic and like public much. Leos are usually proud individuals with a weakness for spotlight, but besides they respect justice and objectivity as well. Many artists were born under this zodiacal sign because Leo is very creative, unordinary and talented sign. Leo natives are big dreamers. They strive for making the world better and they believe in possibility to do it. Generally Leo representatives are very hardworking people. They have big ambitions and find the way to achieve their aims.

It happens that sometimes Leo becomes a little bit vainglorious, obstinate, and imperious. Generally, people born under this sign are very temperamental. If something makes them angry they lose control of emotions. After the conflict Leo is not easily appeased. But after some time Leo may even regret about its behavior. As for astrology love signs, the best for them are fire signs. Leo can make a good unit with air signs as well due to the natural sensibility.

Best Matches for Leo

Leo + Sagittarius: Love of fun units Leo and Sagittarius and makes the time spent together cheerful and pleasant. Both these zodiacal signs are keen and fiery. Adventure usually becomes the part of life of such pair; they like to open new horizons. Leo and Sagittarius respect the need of freedom of the partner. A very valuable thing in such relationship is that each partner inspires the other in any deal. Leo and Sagittarius support and stimulate each other to do better and to get the heights. In the bedroom Sagittarius and Leo are very good partners. Sex makes them closer.

Leo + Aries: Aries representatives' temperament and Leo representatives' temperament are similar. That is why they understand each other perfectly. Passion and energy fills the daily life of such pair. Both Leo and Aries natives are egotistical, but as they respect each other they find mutual language. Leo loves sex as well as Aries does, it makes them closer and their relationship becomes warmer.

Leo + Gemini: Leo's and Gemini's peculiarity is in love of life. These zodiacal signs are fun-loving. Their joviality makes the time spent together interesting and pleasant. Both these signs possess enthusiasm and do everything with gusto. The only difference is in the way they follow. Leo is ruled by the heart, but Gemini is guided by the head. This difference doesn't make troubles, but, vice versa, it complements the strengths of both partners. Gemini's cynicism is easily overcomed with the help of natural warmth of Leo. Such relationship is rather successful.

Worst Matches for Leo

Leo + Capricorn: The union Leo + Capricorn is among several the most difficult combinations of signs. Understanding does not exist for this pair. Leo and Capricorn are foreigners for each other. Artistic and passionate Leo generally becomes disappointed by Capricorn's absence of imagination. In its turn conservative Capricorn becomes upset because of impulsiveness and spontaneity of Leo. Sexual life of this pair is not harmonious as well because of difference of energies flows.

Leo + Taurus: Leo constantly needs to be admired, but Taurus doesn't have ability and wish to show such feelings. At the same time Leo cannot devote itself to Taurus totally as it is not natural for Leo. As Leo and Taurus require different ways of feelings demonstration it is difficult for them to understand what partner feels. Money matters are problematic for them too. Taurus used to think about future and keeps money for something important. Leo used to spend money for pleasure and lives happy every day spending them easily. Both these zodiacal signs don't tend to compromise. That is why harmonic relationship Leo + Taurus is just a dream.

Leo + Scorpio: There is only one common thing between them – they are extremely strong individuals. They are completely different and cannot find common points of contact. Leo can't handle overall intensity of Scorpio as well as Scorpio's fits of jealousy. In its turn Scorpio can't accept light-heartedness of Leo. Just discussions and compromise (which is difficult for both Leo and Scorpio) are able to save relationship of such union. But, unfortunately, compromise between these zodiacal signs is a very rare event.

Leo + Cancer: It is known that the Moon reflects the shining of the Sun. nonetheless; Cancer-individualities don’t seem to recognize any presence of joy directed from Leo partners. Leo-identities are known for their tremendous radiance of happiness and entertainment. They shine down on everybody. Still, Cancer cannot see that radiance. Probably, this is due to the fact that the Moon travels round the Earth?

Notwithstanding, this combination is specific. Both sides are strong in will and each knows what direction they should go. Probably, such lack of emotional connection and mutual understanding could be explained with the desire to help other less fortunate and happy signs out of Zodiac hierarchy. Cancer-identities are known for their overly emotional state and the opportunity to understand the feelings of others. In the meanwhile, Leo-identities are famous with their enormous warmth. If keeping these strengths to themselves, they have all possibilities to meet the one who would give them that love, which they wish and deserve.

Leo + Virgo: These two induce great constructive union. However, almost in all cases this does not help to reveal the depth of their emotional states. They lack softness and mental power, because both minds of these two natures are too rational and pragmatic. There are many things in common between them. For instance, they oppose the signs, which are led by Neptune. They are in the search of perfections. They require a perfect personality who would clearly understand them. Even when there would happen difficulties, the reminder of perfection would not allow them to split. Strong sexual or emotional bonds seldom happen to them. Nonetheless, collaboration and great communication may hugely benefit both sides. The ideal relation can come under condition they could find a key for the union of emotions and rational thinking.

Leo + Pisces: Both of these signs show completely different ways for feeling and expressing love. The qualities or contrary elements are not the major reason for that. The problem is with strong opposition of Leo to Neptune, which leads Pisces. In case, they start the relations, there may be great damage to one another. Leo is more exterior sign, while Pisces is fully closed sign, which likes hiding in his or her own imaginative world. Thus, there is a great misunderstanding in beliefs and ways of action. There is a chance for strong and happy relations. It is possible under condition Pisces would create inside that imaginary world the heroic portray of Leo. In such case, all misunderstandings would seem unimportant.

Wild Cards for Leo

Leo + Leo: Like all pairs with the partners of the same zodiacal sign such union has two variants of relationship development. Leo needs to be admired and to have much attention. There is a real chance to build good relationship between two Leos if both partners try to give more than they get. Due to great compatibility in sexual life, their chances to become a loving and tender union increase. The main thing is to win self-importance and to do more for each other, otherwise the relationship is fated.

Leo + Aquarius: As a rule Leo and Aquarius attract each other much. Aquarius is a big dreamer as well as Leo is. Both of these zodiacal signs have great plans and ideas. But it is the only thing which unites these signs. Their approaches to life are completely different. Leo feels itself the center of the world, but Aquarius doesn't appreciate it. Aquarius representatives are usually very expansive, but Leo doesn't understand that. Sometimes Aquarius closes and has a wish to stay along, but Leo loves communication and attention greatly, that is why conflicts on this basis are very possible. However, relationship Leo and Aquarius is possible if both of signs representatives try to understand the other.

Leo + Libra: To define the possible final outcome of Leo-identity and Libra-identity, it is necessary to realize the connection of beautiful and challenging sides and qualities of Saturn and the Sun. One of the finest advantages of this combination is a nice opportunity to learn novel things from one another. They ought to create a solid balance, as they are too different. Mutual liability and respect can greatly help them in this matter. They are great competitors and at times, there will appear a strong and persistent desire for challenge. They wish to know who is better. In occasion, they overcome this desire they may show off in public.

Astrology Relationship Compatibility

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