Leo + Scorpio

The clash of these two signs can be furious. However, if it is a passion associated with love, they can be really happy together.

Their collaboration reveals the most unexpected features in each other, the aspects of their character they will never find out if they weren’t together. Their relationships are usually either love or hate. It is a great challenge for them to be together, but if they have enough patience, they can be extremely happy.

If they are together and have survived the first phase of getting to know each other, they can be together for a long time. In order to succeed, they need to trust one another; otherwise, it won’t make any sense to continue. Leo’s personality and self-confidence are attractive to Scorpio. Scorpio is also attracted to Leo due to a sense of humor and ability to find a connection with anybody. Leo feels the power in Scorpio and believes that this is an equal and decent partner for life. Sometimes, they both realize that their egos clash, rather than cooperate, so the problems start.

Both want to control and dominate. Scorpio doesn’t want to discuss anything and becomes protective. Leo doesn’t want to continue the discussion because she/he feels hurt if she/ he is the only one who needs it. In order to succeed, they need to set their communication first and learn to compromise. They need to realize that love is not about competition, but about equality, respect, and cooperation. If they lose trust between them, it is almost impossible to regain it.

If their relationship is going to work, they need to find a recipe on how to make each other happy. Their relationships are intense and dynamic. Leo is able to make Scorpio more open, displaying the best aspect of his/her personality that Scorpio has never thought about. If these two are able to put their relationships first and competition last, they are going to create an extremely firm bond.

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