Leo + Sagittarius

They are overly expressive and know how to hold each other’s attention. Both of them are ready for great exciting challenges ahead and are always ready to party no matter what. When they start dating, they open another world of enormous fun and pleasant time spent together. Sagittarius is able to bring a lot of emotions to Leo’s life, making Leo explore things they would never think they are able to. There will be no trace of Leo’s laziness when they couple with Sagittarius. It is one of the most energetic unions.

Leo is ready for a deep and long-term commitment. However, Sagittarius is an extremely freedom-loving sign and rarely is able to love as deeply as Leo. Leo will help Sagittarius learn how to finish something once started and get pleasure from the result. Sagittarius will help Leo widen their outlook.

The complications start when Leo starts to think that Sagittarius loves Leo the same way as Leo does. Leo’s nature constantly wants to feel superior and to get rewards or compliments. It is important for them in the beginning to sort out their relationships and what everybody expects from it, so there are no illusions. Their love is different: Leo’s is calm and deep, while Sagittarius’s is expressive and seems to be everywhere.

Both of them love to go out and socialize. It is natural for both signs. However, Sagittarius always wants more. It is complicated for Sagittarius to share his/her aims in life. They can only pursue their dreams but are unable to share their partner’s. In this case, Leo feels ignored, which is not going to work out. Leo wants to be the center of attention and to feel that the partner’s feelings are real and deep, and it can continue for a long time. Sagittarius isn’t going to cheat on Leo, but his/her attention is always scattered as there are so many things in the world.

They have an amazing time together, but their future is under a huge question mark. If they figure out at the beginning what they expect from each other and set the responsibilities for each other, it can work very well. Also, it is very important for both of them to have fun in their relationships.

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