Cancer + Leo

They are going to have a lot of fun together, as both of them have extraordinary ideas and hate routine or doing nothing.

However, there might be some problems deciding how to spend time, as Cancer wants to stay at home or avoid crowded places, while Leo prefers to go out and socialize. Their debates are passionate and often result in sentiments and drama.

Cancer is looking for a partner that is going to stay and be reliable. However, the changeable desires of Leo cannot provide it. Cancer and Leo cannot deal with rejection. It hurts Leo’s ego and feeling of self-worth, while for Cancer it is painful for their soul.

For Leo, it is very important that their partner is ready to go out and be a part of the reputation. Cancer usually needs some time to open up and to feel comfortable with a person. Leo will be quite initiating in order to cheer up Cancer and catalyze their relationships, but it is doubtful that it will be enough. Cancer will appreciate the efforts of Leo and will react as soon as possible to tackle the problems that occurred.

They both need attention but in different ways. Cancer usually underestimates him/herself and needs constant reassurance, Leo doesn’t have enough patience. Leo needs to feel loved and to see appreciation in the eyes of Cancer. Cancer has well-developed intuition and will have no problems understanding Leo. Both of them need some time apart regularly.

The union of these signs is extremely powerful and fruitful. Together, they are capable of creating something amazing they wouldn’t think of apart. In order to succeed as couple, they need to trust each other and give each other some rest.

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