Leo + Aquarius

Both signs are magnetized to each other from the very first flirt. Aquarius and Leo are sociable signs, able to explore the world together. They have a cheerful disposition and are quite supportive of each other.

Aquarius is calmer than Leo, making it a personal challenge for Leo to solve this puzzle. Aquarius usually likes Leo from the first sight or at least gets interested easily, as Leo is confident, cares about him/herself, and is outgoing. They are a perfect match, and together, they can be really happy. Their bond tightens with time spent together. Also, if they have a common goal, their connection gets firmer even faster. They are also concentrated on their careers and easily inspire each other and grow and develop together.

They need to experience a lot of things together. It is really important. If they don’t spend the right amount of time together, they can become distant. Leo usually believes Aquarius to be too unrealistic, while Leo is self-centered in the eyes of Aquarius. In order to avoid disputes, they need to spend more time together to understand what is usual for their personality.

Together, they inspire and support each other in the hardest moments of life. They can nurture the best aspects of each other, which allows for mutual growth in a couple. They tend to make different decisions, especially risky ones, but they often succeed because of a clear understanding of their goal. Leo is happy because life is dynamic, and Aquarius feels part of something important and truly enjoys Leo’s company.

When it comes to problems, it can be connected with Aquarius’s love of secrets. It happens that Aquarius can get lost in emotions and can really hurt Leo. In order to avoid separation, partners should set limits in their relationships from the very beginning and divide the responsibilities. The greatest tool to deal with problems in this case is compromise.

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