Gemini + Leo

Gemini and Leo can make incredibly cute couple. Together they create very strong couple, full of joy, plays, love and appreciation. They encourage each other in every step and their support is enormous. Both of them like to socialize and be in company, because communication is a very large part of their relationships. They like to go out together, to look good together as they understand what a good couple they make. These two know how to relax and adore chic and classy places to visit. Both Gemini and Leo are aesthetes and love to surround themselves with different kinds of beauty.

They often make surprises to each other, because they don’t like routine and try to brighten up their relationships as often as possible. These signs have great imagination and they are often experts in art. If they have a conflict, it is for sure that everybody knows about it. They make it impossible not to hear or see them sorting things out. Sometimes they have problems related to Leo’s expectation of romance, and Gemini’s desire to keep it simple. Leo wants more intense relationships, while for Gemini it is important to keep it fun. Both of them are too proud to make first moves after fight, so depending on the seriousness of the relationships they need some time to get together again.

Gemini knows Leo’s demeanor and often teases Leo. It often makes signs comfortable and avoids arguing, but sometimes Leo only gets mad and it makes it worse. But as a couple they stand for each other and support in times of trouble. Gemini and Leo can create a long-lasting union together, enjoying life side by side.

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