Virgo Compatibility

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Virgos are pragmatic, and tidy people, who need to feel loved and needed in all aspects of their life. They are smart and consistent, very keen on the littlest things. They try to surround themselves with people according to their high demands. Particularly Virgos correspond to those demands. They are the people of principle: if something should be done, it should be done in the best possible way. They are great workers, as they are reliable and serious. They are the type of people, who feel guilty, if they have left something unfinished. It is better to give a lot of work to Virgo, just to make sure that they are busy, because Virgo in a bored mood is hard to cope with. They are quite active and detail-oriented. The side-effect of their love to details is their extremely high demands to people. Such attitude may lead to snobbism. But they love honest and sincere people, who are pure in their actions and direct in their words. As for their private life, the best partner for them would be someone from the earth signs, or water signs.

The Best Matches for Virgo

Virgo + Taurus: Both signs are quite inward-oriented people and they try not to leave the house without a solid reason. They usually prefer to spend a good evening at home over the noisy party. Virgo is a good partner to Taurus, because Taurus' love to home and stability matches with Virgos love to details and arranging of everything. This love partnership is very harmonious and mates know how to please and support each other, and they have similar goals and life views.

Virgo + Cancer: Cancer and Virgo may seem to be very different, but in some strange way they are a good couple. Virgos' pragmatism comes when Cancer is overemotional, so they tackle a problem at the very beginning. Every time there is a problem, someone can balance it really fast, and all the other time they feel great together. It is one of the example of the "extremes meet" type. They both are caring persons, so their relationship is full of love and care.

Virgo + Capricorn: These signs are very similar one to another, and they agree in so many things that it seems to be impossible. Capricorn, as well as a Virgo, is a very reliable person and takes every task seriously, sometimes even too seriously. Their views on life coincide as well. Virgo likes everything to be of high quality, and Capricorn prefers durable and well-built things. They are quite selective when it comes to people with whom they want to communicate. All the most important areas of their relationships such as views on social life, friends, work, entertainment and politics are very similar, so they don't have problems. If the one appears, they would quickly solve it.

The Worst Matches for Virgo

Virgo + Gemini: These signs are going to nurture the worst tendencies in each other. For Gemini, Virgo is too boring and stuck in routine. For Virgo, Gemini is irresponsible and frivolous. Virgos discipline is perceived as something limiting to Gemini. As soon as things become problematic, someone from the couple would start looking for better options from the outside. This union doesn't promise to be a long-term one.

Virgo + Libra: Virgos have very high demands to their partners; sometimes they are really strict on how everything should be. Light-hearted and joyful Libras are not used to these strict standards which may seem restricting their freedom. Libras' light attitude to life will not suit pragmatic Virgos in any way. They can not imagine life without preparing for the future and making plans. They need to have everything under control, and it irritates Libra. Virgo is too concentrated on the activities and problems and Libras want only to make love. The relationships here are possible, but it will take a lot of nerves and efforts for both partners.

Virgo + Aries: If the partners put a lot of efforts this union has a future, but in case if they are pretty passive and in all the problems blame each other it won't work. These signs are very determined, even obstinate, so the consensus here is a rare thing. Passion and sometimes aggression can explode in their arguing. Virgo knows better on how everything should be, and it will definitely make Aries feel underestimated. Aries may think that Virgos are too boring and too demanding.

Virgo + Leo: These two induce great constructive union. However, almost in all cases this does not help to reveal the depth of their emotional states. They lack softness and mental power, because both minds of these two natures are too rational and pragmatic. There are many things in common between them. For instance, they oppose the signs, which are led by Neptune. They are in the search of perfections. They require a perfect personality who would clearly understand them. Even when there would happen difficulties, the reminder of perfection would not allow them to split. Strong sexual or emotional bonds seldom happen to them. Nonetheless, collaboration and great communication may hugely benefit both sides. The ideal relation can come under condition they could find a key for the union of emotions and rational thinking.

Virgo + Sagittarius: These signs are a real challenge. They are almost impossible to co-exist in each other's company. Virgo need discipline predictability and stability, while Sagittarius seeks for something interesting, extraordinary and amazing in life. Their approaches are simply contrastive. Virgo tends to blame everyone but themselves in failures, Sagittarius will not tolerate something like this. Such relationships are full of irritation, arguing, and lack of commitment. Partners can't fully appreciate the person right beside them, nor try to understand another position.

Virgo + Aquarius: Virgo is one of the worst matches for Aquarius, as they have absolutely different approaches to life. Their interests and points of view often contradict. Virgo is pessimistic and inward-oriented by nature, which may seem as cold and boring for Aquarius. Aquarius is optimistic and sociable, which will always disturb Virgo and create a lot of problems in the couple.

Wild Cards for Virgo

Virgo + Virgo: Two Virgos together may be a very profitable combination, as they will understand, care and love each other. However, in order to avoid clashes, Virgos have to give each other enough amount of space and privacy, so no one dictates the rules and how it should be. They can reach harmony only if the partners are independent enough. It is always a need to compromise, and to remember- love is stronger than pride.

Virgo + Pisces: It is quite unpredictable combination. It may be that Virgo and Pisces are doing great together. Virgo feels that he or she is needed and Pisces find a proper support and protection. Pisces are seeking for stability in the partner, because they are quite unstable. However, it may happen that Pisces would idealize their partner too much and it would come out that it has nothing to do with reality. The happiness of this unit will be achieved only if partners are sincere and respectful to each other.

Virgo + Scorpio: These two signs can benefit each other. Unsteady and changeable behavior of Virgo-identity can be mastered by the firmness and confidence of Scorpio partner. This will make their relations stronger for many a time. Notwithstanding, this combination would hardly go on without some difficulties. Both possess powerful wills and desire to control each other's lives. Beyond all doubts, this would induce complications. There will reign criticism and anger between these two. The way out is respect and answerability for their own actions. They should value the best qualities of the opposite side to reach healthy relationship. The sense of true gratitude can fix all misunderstandings and create universal and solid union of two hearts. Otherwise, it is better to give up this relationship.

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