Aries Compatibility

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Being the first zodiacal sign, Aries has the strong need to have a role of leader in any relationships or event. Usually Aries are extroverts due to its ruling planet, Mars. As well people of this sign are full of flaming energy. If these people want something they go to their wish accomplishment with a great persistence. Aries perceives fails oversensitively. They used to be the first in any deal they do. They do everything with supreme vitality and tenacity. People around Aries notice their honesty and opened soul.

Nevertheless, patience is not among the strongest traits of Aries. They are rather intolerant and overly obstinate. Aries are quite irascible, but, fortunately, they are easily appeased as well. That is why impatience of Aries is not a great disadvantage for their close people. As for love relationship, Aries are better matched with fire signs or air signs which are able to share the natural energy of Aries.

The Best Matches for Aries

Aries + Gemini: Temperament and humor of Aries and Gemini coincide. Such tandem feels comfortable as they both are energetic signs which strive for the same things. Together these people will open the world and get new knowledge with inspiration and achieve the common aims with persistence which is natural for both these signs. Aries prefer to lead in sex. It will not disturb Gemini as she/he is glad to try new role in sex relationships.

Aries + Sagittarius: Temperament of Sagittarius fits Aries as well. Both these signs are spirited and enthusiastic. Together they are able to get joy from different things. Sagittarius loves adventures as much as Aries does. Such pair is very communicative and they don't hinder each other to pal with others. Such relationship is comfortable for both and they are full of fun and journeys. Sexual life of such pair is very harmonious. It adds warmth and harmony into the other spheres of relationship.

Aries + Leo: The union of Leo and Aries is very special. They may have an ideal relationship if they learn how to share the attention because both of them yearn it and don't like to share it with others. High level of energy of this union wonders. Each of them can enrich the life of the partner. The sex life of such pair is adventurous as both of them are rather active and inventive persons. Leo and Aries are compatible much in sex.

Aries + Cancer: This relationship has all chances to induce pain for both sides. Therefore, both partners have to work hard and with real desire to make everything right. There should be a lot of compromises. The partners are to adapt to the desires of one another and alter their own behavior. It goes without saying that this path will be utterly difficult. Nonetheless, it is worth memorizing the possible dividends. There will be deep inner understanding, which would make it possible to start unique and pleasant relations. In case of success, none would ever wish to finish such strong and emotionally deep relations.

Aries + Scorpio: When considering this union, you should imagine it through very aggressive combination of Fire and Water elements. Aries-identity would shatter the feelings of the partner. Scorpio-identity in his or her turn would wear out and make tired the partner. Such relations seem to be the combination of two most different sides that one could ever imagined. Both go two really opposite directions and in this case, it would not make them happy and attract one another. Some compare such union with the process of nuclear fusion, which would turn into catastrophe.

The Worst Matches for Aries

Aries + Virgo: It is very difficult to unit leadership needs of Aries and confidence of Virgo about his/her rightness. Aries cannot endure criticism of Virgo. Virgo is able to give the role of leader to Aries, but he/she will always control partner. There are some difficulties between these two signs in sex too. Aries is very direct; they don't need time to catch the wave of sexual energy. Virgo, vice versa, is more discreet. These relations are possible just if both partners agree to work at it.

Aries + Capricorn: Despite Capricorn and Aries are both leaders, they don't understand each other as they manifest this trait in different ways. Each of them can't let the other to take the role of leader in their pair. The other possible problem in relationships of these two is money. Aries is spending-all, but Capricorn is thrifty. It's difficult for them to regulate this aspect. One more difference is that Aries doesn't like monotony and drab existence, but Capricorn cannot accept novelty. So, these signs live absolutely different ways.

Aries + Taurus: Temperament of Aries and Taurus is very different. It is very difficult for calm and slow Taurus to be together with active and enthusiastic Aries and, vice versa, it is boring for dynamic and excited Aries to be together with quiet and sluggish Taurus. Aries likes to go out and discover something, but Taurus is homebody. One more serious difficulty is money strategy. Taurus earns and keeps money being very thrifty, but Aries cannot understand this trait and consider it like disadvantage because Aries used to spend everything he/she earns. Thus there is too serious difference between life approaches of these two zodiacal signs. Usually such relationships are very short.

Aries + Pisces: The worst things that spoil this relation is absence of real trust and capability to fully open up and reveal all inner happenings to the partner. Aries is led by the Red Planet (Mars) and it reigns outer energies that are in a constant movement. Pisces is led by Neptune that is answerable for inner aura and emotions. Their borders are on opposite poles. Each is vital. It is difficult to say who of the partners must have the upper hand. The only possibility to make this union happy is to reach mutual understanding through compromises. Aries should delve into inner world and Pisces should find the connection with the outer world.

Wild Cards for Aries

Aries + Aries: If two similar persons are together, there are two ways of their relationships development. The first one, the best and ideal variant, happens if one of partners understands that it is better to give the right of leadership to the other partner. In such case they understand each other greatly and strive for the same things, act in the same manner. It's perfect rapport. But, if both Aries can't exist without leadership and are depressed when the partner is ruling, such relationship becomes insufferable. So, there is a chance, but it depends.

Aries + Libra: There is much passion, sexual energy and mutual attraction in union of Aries and Libra. They are perfect lovers for each other as both of them love experiments in this field. Sex makes these people closer, their energies join and they feel comfortable till the moment when Aries' needs grow. In course of time Aries needs something more than just intimacy. They start to demand more in other aspects of relationships. Here all depends of the readiness of Libra to give what Aries wants and of moderation of Aries' demands.

Aries + Aquarius: The main drawback of this couple is great lack in affection. They treat one another rather brutally. Gradually, this relation dies. Aquarius partner seems to be always somewhere far away in his or her own thoughts and dreams. Aries partner requires strong release of inner powers to show the warm nature. Aries part would probably have a distant partner, which would support the initial and major instincts. Both partners seem to accept everything and everybody. If trying hard and really doing that, there is a great possibility that Aries partner would never reveal his or her true nature. This would negatively reflect on both partners and it would not satisfy any of them. Aries would suffer from impossibility to show the inner emotions and Aquarius would suffer because of these sufferings of another part.

It is well known how surprising the soul of all Aquarius-individualities can be. At times, it can greatly amaze anyone. This leaves hope for such combination, because this part could compromise and sacrifice in favor of the partner. Under condition these two decide to unite their lives, it is advised having a special room where both can go and shout a bit, when another partner does not listen. In addition, they actually require more of softness in their relations. This could greatly assist them in normalizing their rough relationships.

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