Aries + Aries

Two Aries together is something huge and active. Both of them are decisive, stubborn and know for sure what they want from this moment and from life in general. This combination is temperamental, hot, and dynamic. It starts as a sparkle, burns as a flame and can be finished in a blink of an eye if both partners cannot reach consensus.

These partners can have fun together and spend great time in each other’s company. Both of them are ambitious and self-sufficient. It often becomes a problem, as none of partners is ready to step aside or admit their fault if something happens. Most of the time, however, their relationship is saturated with events, bright emotions and memorable moments.

This union can be bright, but it is rare to be very strong and continuous. Partners lose their interest as soon as they meet an obstacle, and it considers both of them. In rare cases they can build strong bond, if they appreciate each other or if they have been in the relationship long enough. In such cases they can seek for and reach consensus, which is a saving point when it comes to hot-tempered Aries.

Also, their relationships are direct and honest. Aries usually respect their partner. They always need to be in action, and they can share their love to different activities as a couple. If the activities of partners do not coincide, they can find new spheres for both of them, as their pride will not let them do the things that the other partner likes and not the thing of their own interest. Mars rules Aries, so pay attention to it, and Venus also plays an important role, so find more information about it.

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